Hand Lettering

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It is cold out there snowing even and the rush has started! Woah. Time to stop and take a moment, the afternoon, the evening to slow down. But how to do that? This Zuri Girl decided to put down all her pens and pencils and paper she has unused and you know what? She’s going to write love notes!

Hand lettering, it’s a new thing, but we just realized it was a thing we could actually do. Last week we were so inspired. Faber-Castell let us come try out all their beautiful pens and invited calligrapher Cornelia Studer to show us how easy it could be! She was wonderful, sharing her beautiful ideas and most importantly reminding us, you don’t have to be a professional to write your wishes out. It works the best when you simply put your heart into it.

You don’t even need a silver pen (but it is delicious, and soft cream paper. . .)

We wish you an open moment, the joy of just writing, slow, all the biggest wishes you would send out to your world.

Share some wishes back with us . . . we love finding new ways to send out love.

Find some fun pens at Faber Castell

Visit Cornelia Studer

Article & photo contributed by Kaye Llewelynan Australian surfer far from the sea, she can be caught gazing wistfully out at the lake, but mostly found painting at the mal_Raum, drawing out desires at emBOLDed or glimpsing synchronicities around Zurich on her bike, with the red spotted seat.