MARTA – Now Open!

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A Shelf Flea Market and Design Shop based on a Scandinavian concept just opened in Zurich!

MARTA Flea Market encourages artists, designers and us “normal folk” looking to clear out the closets to share, exchange and get creative. It’s a Design Shop, 2nd Hand Shop and Artistic Inspiration all in one!


How it Works

– Rent a Shelf for as little as CHF 75 for 6 days

– Determine your price for each item

– Enjoy your week as usual

– Return to your shelf. Items not sold may be donated or taken back home.

Zuri Girl Tip: Marta does not take a commission (there’s only the shelf rental fee) and you can share a shelf with a friend.

Get designing, shopping & selling ladies!!

MARTA Flea Market

Brauerstrasse 58, Zurich (map)

Tuesday – Friday from 11.00 – 19.00 | Saturday from 10.00 – 19.00

MARTA Flea Market Website