Rapid Transformational Therapy

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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a life-changing tool offered by Clinical Hypnotherapist Astuti Martosudirdjo that focuses on your inner self, redirecting your mindset and moving you to a positive, healthy and self-desired lifestyle.

If you feel like something is holding you back, RTT reprograms your subconscious to surpass that feeling. Whether that’s pain, doubt, fear, blame, shame, guilt or regret, RTT digs deep into these inner issues and then guides you to surpass them allowing for a clearer, positive pathway towards your goals and full-mind transformation.

Who is Astuti? 

A Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of the International Council of Psychotherapists (ICP), she is the 1st RTT Therapist in Switzerland. She studied directly with RTT Creater Marisa Peer and utilized the program personally before deciding to turn it into a career in hopes to share with others.

With a career in corporate coaching and recruitment across 5 continents, Astuti decided to focus more on the individual outside of the workplace and concentrate on Inner Peace.  She strongly believes in the power of a peaceful mindset and the ability to surpass obstacles and ignite energy to reach personal goals. 

Who can RTT help? 

In some cases individuals are working through a tragedy, death, major life-changing experience like a cultural move or divorce but in many cases individuals have built up uncomfortable situations over the years leading them to suffer from…

Guilt / Shame





Lack of self care & love

Procrastination and self-doubt

What to Expect

Individual Programs: RTT is completely individualized with Astuti working with one client at a time during personalized facilitated sessions. One of the program’s tools includes a self-recording for post-session listening.

Group Programs: Monthly Astuti will offer “blitz hypnosis” for groups of approximatly 15. This is more of a 1st-step to see if you like the program and to experience it within a group of family / friends where you feel supported.

What Clients Say

We asked Selina Man Karlsson about her thoughts on Astuti…

“I find Astuti’s RTT approach to be one of the best methods for me, it provides me with a good level of understanding as to where my issue stems from and we are able to turn things around quickly. I am able to change my beliefs or what is holding me back within a few weeks and that I find amazing.

Astuti is incredibly supportive, full of integrity, confident and has depth with her knowledge and wisdom. She is very experienced and I know she walks her talk. She works on herself and that to me is so important. She not only helps me get results, she knows what I am going through, has empathy and is inspiring. I highly recommend working with Astuti to uplift your life.”

Find out More 

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