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Language courses for adults, teenagers and children with a goal to help expats integrate through improving their language skills and navigate the Swiss streets.

Books & pens are so yesterday! In addition to traditional classroom courses, the ladies behind this platform believe learning is doing and offer fun interactive courses too. Learning to Bake and Culture Tours are 2 that caught our eye (and ear…in German of course!)

Here’s the top reasons we’re excited to introduce you to LanguageMasters…

Integration via Education…

Swiss Passport Interview? TELC Exam coming up? Puzzled by the Swiss School System? No problem!

LanguageMasters has a franc savvy free info desk with the A-Z’s of Switzerland including information on health, school and migration. 

Fast forward from integrating to applying for your Swiss Passport and depend on LanguageMasters to help you prepare with a course geared specifically towards the Swiss Passport Interview covering history, geography and politics.

The Teaching Style…

Textbooks are of course part of classes, but the focus is 60% speaking. Seeing, feeling & experiencing everyday situations outside the classroom is their approach. Learning by sightseeing, baking, newspaper reading and more are what make up LanguageMasters curriculum.

With coffee & cookies included, the team meets every student individually to find the right course for their level for their small group classes (3 – 6 students).

Family Friendly…

In addition to courses for Kids, Teenagers (gymi exam prep too) and playgroups, there’s also child care so moms & dads (and au pairs) can learn. 

The Day Care is open from 9.00 – 17.00 and babies as young as 4 months can join.

The Founders…

With a passion for languages, they’ve recruited teachers with mother tounges from all over the globe including teachers for German, Swiss German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Bosnian, Japanese, Greek and other (rare) languages.

They created LanguageMasters to play it forward to students and share their love for learning and cultural exchanges.

The Location…..

9 minutes from HB and 5 minutes from Enge, LanguageMasters is easily accessible.


Bleicherweg 27, 8002 Zürich (map)

+43 534 48 17 | LanguageMasters Website

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