Diamonds Daily? Yes Please!

posted on | updated on | by Zuri Girl

Swiss Line, the cosmetic brand we hope Santa brings to our make-up bag, has introduced a new Cell Shock White Brightening Diamond Serum.

With anti-aging and complexion correction at heart, the serum puts up a good fight to the tick tick tick of our facial clock. It can’t turn back time, but hey maybe your 40’s can look like your 30’s and your 30’s look like your 20’s!

We heard diamond-infused cosmetics are the new splash in the industry, but our good friends at Swiss Line shared there can be a big difference in how the products are made using diamonds. The Cell Shock Brightening Diamond Serum has full concentration which creates bright skin vs. dull as less concentration serums have…with science and technology leading their brand, they’ve integrated the diamonds in such a way that the application brings a daily glow as well as provides long-term enhancements.

We love going Swissy whenever we can and Swiss Line is definitely one of our go-to “homeland” brands. They were even founded in Zurich when they were partners with Switzerland’s Clinique Lemana, the pioneer in the field of cellular therapy.

Lathering our face with diamonds in the morning sounds waaaay more fabulous than the usual coffee fix.  Give it a try gals!