Mini Maker Fair Zurich

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Just last week they were taking their 1st step and now they’re making a robot!

The Mini Maker Fair is an inspirational 2-day event with over 20 talks & workshops plus multiple floors leading to 40+ exhibitions, many of which you can touch, feel & have a little play experimenting with the themes of robots, DIY, electronics, open source hardware, screen printing and more.

The DIY Soap Bubble Machine welcomed us to the riverside Dynamo Youth Center and with little kids in tow, we headed straight to hear about the adventures of Beni the robot from the well-know Swiss German Gschichtefritz before visiting the tables stopping wherever we could for some interactive button pressing, light-up action.

Older kids could have a go at many workshops including Minecraft Hacking with Rasperry Pi and using an IoTKit to create a robot arm or get inspired by speakers like one of our favorites Museomix. We’re sure young girls went home energized by the story behind Ethafa which was created to inspire Egyptian girls to learn about electronics.

And us, adults, well, we didn’t have the chance, but would have loved to learn more from Fabian Affolter who spoke about Open Source Home Automation with Home Assistant – wow, we need that!

A refreshing stop, we had a giggle ordering a drink from Cooba, the robotic drink machine. Totally cool! Create your own concoction on your phone, hit order and watch it mix itself. If only we had that on a lazy Sunday morning!

Mini Maker Fairs take place in over 150 places throughout the globe focusing on digital craftsmanship and new technologies. We definitely recommend your little techies attending. It’s a weekend to develop their dreams and ignite fire under our future creators.