FOOD Zurich

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111 events, 11 days, 1 delicious celebration!

Swiss dishes meet experimental recipes and international trends are served by seasoned restaurateurs at surprising new locations.

FOOD Zurich starts on the 7th and Zuri Girl was so lucky to get the inside scoop from the event organizer himself Simon Mouttet responsible for the entire process from the first idea to the closing bell…

Zuri Girl: Share with us yummy picks for a…
Girls Night Out…
Simon…Negroni Night where participants taste different versions of this stylish cocktail

Date Night…oooh so many!
Simon…Why not try a Zuri Girl favorite at Razzia’s Dinner & a Movie for a night of French Cuisine followed by the documentary Sour Grapes or indulge at the Lobster & Beef event hosted by Michelin Star Chef André Jaeger set along the beautiful Limmat.

Family Funday…
Simon…The International Street Food Festival is perfect for walking around while kids can have a go at the action during a non-alcoholic Shaker Workshop and Betty Bossi hands-on workshop.

Zuri Girl: How are the locations selected? 

Simon…It varies with input from restaurant partners and media partners. One of our favorite locations is the old soccer stadium Hardturm and so the closing weekend will be in the Engrosmarkt. That’s where all the vegetable and fruit get distributed for the city. Its a big market with halls full of beautiful influences from all around the world.

Zuri Girl: We see a lot of info around Waste & Sustainability? What’s this all about? 

Simon…This year, our visitors get an idea of ​​the food waste topic, about the problems, challenges and solutions. They can take part in several workshops where they learn how to process old bread, vegetables and we can show them how you can cook from the nose to tail.

Franc Savvy Tip: Around this topic, Delish is offering 25% off goods after 8pm.

Zuri Girl: Some of us are a little timid around German talks…any events for English only speakers? 
Simon…A place known by expats the Fork & Bottle hosts a course plus you can check out a Waste Course focusing on using fridge leftovers and vacation forgotten fresh goods in English, a Zuri West Tour in both German & English and a   foodie journey through the 6 welsh cantons exploring wine, beers, cheeses and sausages in English.

FOOD Zurich
When: 7 – 17 September
Where: Throughout the city
Cost: Depends on your palette!
Find out More: FOOD Zurich website | FOOD Zurich Facebook | FOOD Zurich Instagram

Images compliments of FOOD Zurich (Street Food Festival: David Biedert