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Private & group holistic programs dedicated to stimulate and support sensory and motor development of babies and toddlers.

After seeing her son’s improvement based on First-Step Method therapy, Francesca Seegy Bohner, decided to create a space to help other parents and babies. She teaches group & private classes at the Kilchberg space, Himmelblaues in hope that her courses support families during a baby’s 1st year… no one should have to struggle at home alone.

We were excited to learn more and share with Zuri mommas and mommas to be!

Why First-Step Method?

First-Step Method brings a holistic approach to a child’s development which is so strongly influenced by a baby’s surroundings, parents and quality of stimulation. First-Step method supports sensory and motor development and offers personalized guidance for parents to understand their baby’s needs better.

What can I expect?

Information…on developmental stages. We love the support offered at the newborn stage including help with sleep, carrying and crying. This phase can be sooooo difficult for a new parent and tips for soothing and sleeping are priceless!

Exercise…techniques to work on at home including focus on hand / eye coordination and milestone movements like rolling and crawling.

Education and answers for questions you’re not sure who to ask or perhaps too afraid to ask.

BONUS: Meet other moms! Ask a classmate for coffee afterwards and create a circle of moms you can depend on as babies grow

Thumbs Up Results

Jeannine from Zurich shares her experience…

“How often have you asked yourself: which new activities could you learn to further interact with your baby and stimulate her development? With First Step Method we found an opportunity for our little one to be in a playground where she could explore widely her motricity and be more conscious of each movement she could make. The progress was quickly visible.

As parents we discovered activities that were very stimulating and fun to experience through group and daddy’s workshops. It also built up even more complicity with our baby. It’s been very enriching for the whole family. Thanks to First Step Method, we entered a new dimension which is worth for other parents to live.

Last but not least, Francesca is a fabulous instructor. Her energy is so positive and engaging. The tools she provides you with boost your confidence and enthusiasm in supporting your child’s first steps.”

Who is First-Step Method for?

Healthy full-term babies whose mothers would like to know how to spend quality time with their baby, reinforcing the developmental stages of the baby.

As well as babies with developmental delays, orthopedic disorders, low-high muscle tones, premature babies, neurological disorders and babies that show early signs of communication delays.


What’s Best for Me? 

Private Lessons…you & me baby…at your home or the Himmelblaues Studio the focus is 100% on your baby, making this program ideal for babies that have torticollis, club foot, hip joint dislocation, sleeping difficulties, eating difficulties, developmental delays or were born prematurely.

Workshops…ideal for all babies including premature births. The groups include 3-6 baby & mommy / daddy teams focusing on a specific theme sharing exercises and personalized goals.

First-Step Therapy…a holistic therapy for babies with rare diseases and developmental delays. An emphasis on babies with developmental delays and challenges such as torticollis, hip dysplasia, severe reflux or sleep disorders as well as healthy babies learning initial techniques often difficult for parents including sleeping & eating.


First Step Method


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