Long Night of the Museums

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What’s more fun on a rainy Saturday night than jumping through puddles hopping from museum to museum during Der Lange Nacht der Zürcher Museen

Zuri Girl checked out Urania Observatory, Beyer Clock & Watch Museum, Toy Museum, and the City Hall Rathaus last night and we’re excited to share highlights & tips for this annual event. Mark the calendar for next September gals! 

 – The shows at Urania and Beyer were really popular so we definitely recommend arriving waaay in advance for a spot.

– Weather can be a downer (no pun intended) so decide where to go based on the clouds…While the view from Urania normally lets you see the stars, this year we couldn’t see past the Fraumunster star!  

– Except at the FIFA Museum, all tours we attended were held in German.

– The Landesmuseum has been renovated over the past year and is by far one of our favorite.  With all things Swiss, we love learning about the history, politics, religion, fashion and taking a cocktail break at restaurant Spitz.

 – The Toy Museum is small in scale, but big at heart for those that like reminiscing about toys of the past and dreaming about toys of the future. The complimentary cold snacks & drinks were a yummy perk.

– The Rathaus had an impressive interior and was really well organised. It was fun imagining the daily routine there as the table and coat hangers had faces on them.

Thanks Zurich for a night of culture!

Written by Zuri Girl Lillian…Spent her childhood in Hawaii, and growing up in South Korea, Lillian ended up in Switzerland after getting mesmerized by its beauty. She enjoys experiencing different cultures, traveling around the world, open to all culinary journeys and meeting new people.  In love with art galleries and movie theaters, you can find her chilling by the lake on a sunny day or wandering around exploring the city!  Follow her on Instagram