Seefelder Gin Nº8

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It’s no surprise we love Gin and Zurich is home to some incredible handcrafted premium small batches…

Up until now, our favorite local Gin has been Zurich’s own Turicum…but there is something very foxy on the market and we cannot deny our love for the new Seefelder Gin Nº8.

Distilled in a traditional copper pot in small batches, Andres Prieto takes great pride in making really great gin that is a major departure from traditional London dry gins. Similar to most entrepreneurial stories we love, he broke away from his boring banking job to follow his passions… and his gin has us begging for more.

The Nº8 in the name is coincidently not an attribute to the Seefeld postcode (8008) where the gin was born…rather it represents the 8 gorgeous botanicals that are macerated together to round out the full flavor: Juniper, Rosemary, Orange Peel, Cassia Bark, Cubeb Berries, Coriander, Angelica Root and Kaffir Lime. You will enjoy these delicate flavors dancing on your palate… ranging from the tangy citrus to a sweet and spicy finish.

Grab a bottle of this gin for your next social gathering…best enjoyed neat or with a quality tonic (such as the Swiss Made: Gents, complete with beet sugar rather than corn glucose syrup) and a decorative garnish such as a cucumber slice or curled citrus peel. Better yet, make yourself a:

Foxy Lady ❤
50 ml   Seefelder
20 ml   Cointreau
20ml   Lemon juice (squeezed by hand)
Mix in shaker with ice, garnish with rosemary stem


What would the fox say? He would say this gin is damn good.

Enjoy ladies!

Zuri Girl Tip: The fox on the bottle is inspired by city foxes that are often spotted throughout the parks and forests of the Seefeld quarter. If you know where to look, you will find Seefelder No. 8.