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The Healthy Lifestyle…we all want to achieve it, but often find it difficult to get started on stay on track.

If only there was a healthy role model who got together a group of women not only in an online support network, but also in person to swap recipes, offer expert advice and hold everyone accountable…

Ladies, if you have not already heard the big news, Danna Levy Hoffmann – from Miso Cute Kids Cooking Classes – has expanded her service offerings to offer food coaching services for us grownups via the new service: Organilicious! She is a self-proclaimed ‘nutrition freak’ who wants to revolutionize the world of food one family at a time…starting with you!

Here’s the top 5 reasons we love Organilicious:

Breaking the Cycle
We are all limited in time and energy…especially after work and with little ones running around the house. When time is limited, we tend to eat bad food…which leads to cravings of more bad food. Ladies, it’s time to break the cycle and reap the long term benefits of fueling our bodies with healthy choices instead.

The Group Setting
Independent ladies unite in this group setting…just what is need to get started with a new program so we can learn from each other and help keep one another accountable. What’s great about this setup is that the group of women are connected for a 3 month journey and have the opportunity to meet in person at the beginning and end of the program. To top it all off, there is a private online group forum where food photos can be shared, questions discussed and success stories celebrated!

The Personalization
Danna takes the time to really get to know the desires and challenges of each client in the group to create a personalized elimination diet and menu plan. She supplements the in person and online videos and webinars with private calls once per month.

The Recipes
Get this…all recipes provided in your personalized Organilicious Recipe Book take an average of 5-20 minutes to prepare! Danna makes is so easy to understand which fats, oils, superfoods and alternatives to use, never compromising on quality or flavor.

The Perks
Beyond the exclusive discounts to some of Danna’s favorite online food shops, you will also receive a surge in energy from eating healthy which snowballs into a happier and more productive self. Who doesn’t want to glow from the inside out?!

The next Organilicious program starts 23 August 2017…sign up here.