NEW Zoo Cafe with a View

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The Klösterligarten at Zoo Zürich just opened. This casual lunch spot en-route to the Elephant Park serves pizza, pasta and healthy salads.

As you find all throughout the zoo, the path up to the Klösterligarten is a little curvy and hilly, encouraging you to stop and look at the animals along the way. The restaurant is casual and welcoming with it’s brightly colored orange & green chairs, brown tables and nice big sun umbrellas to provide shade on a hot day. There is not too much room for strollers, but kids chairs are available so it’s best to park the buggy before finding a place to sit. 

The outdoor self-service kiosk offers a basic line-up of pizza slices that you can watch being prepared, pasta, salads and sandwiches. Making decision making easy, there’s a chalkboard menu and glass counter showcasing the pizza oven and hot sizzling slices right in front of you, along with easy access to grab a healthy salad (we really enjoyed the quinoa-mango salad!) or fresh sandwich filled with mountain cheese and herb mayonnaise.

Finish it off with an iced Latte Macchiato for mom and Toblerone Mousse for your mini me…or better yet grab 2 spoons to share!

Zuri Girl Tip: Is the Giraffe in the photo real? Well, not until 2020, when the Klösterligarten will look out onto the Giraffes and Rhinoceroses. It fooled us too!

 Zoo Zurich, Klösterligarten
Zürichbergstrasse 221, 8044 Zurich (map)
+41 44 254 26 52   Zoo Zurich Website