Perfect Curls: BaByliss Steam Pure

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Micro-steam hydrates hair while it curls? Ladies, we tried the new Steam Pure and here’s what we think…

The Steam Pure is the newest product on the market by BaByliss Paris. If you have not tried curling your hair with a flat iron, versus a traditional curling iron, the result is worth giving it a whirl (or a curl!)

What’s Inside?
Within the contents of the box, you will find the Steam Pure device, two rubber silicone tips to protect your fingers if needed, two removable plate combs (collars) to separate your hair with each pass, a handy bulb with nozzle to dispense water into the steam chamber, and a convenient case to keep it all together. The device itself feels very sturdy and well designed. Excited to see what this baby can do!

How it Works?
Prior to plugging in the device, remove the water chamber and fill it ever so gently…we used tap water, but distilled water is probably best. It took a minute to figure out exactly which hole is meant to be filled with water. On top of the device, there is a black button that you can press to remove the water chamber. Once removed, lift the silicone tab and fill to the top with water.

Next, simply plug the device in and select your desired temperature (we chose 4 out of 5). After about a minute, we were ready to give it a go! It is easiest to separate your hair into 3-4 sections, clip the hair you are not working with out of the way, and plan to work on your hair from the base towards the top of your scalp. Take a small section and run the Steam Pure through it from roots to ends if you are going for a sleek straight look. For a curl, simply turn the device 180º or 360º inwards or outwards (we prefer outwards for that “Hollywood Curls” look) and gently pull the device downwards in a smooth continuous motion. Immediately, we noticed the steam works wonders on creating a tighter, more defined curl than any traditional flat-iron. If you have thick or coarse hair, no doubt the Steam Pure is going to make you you a happy lady with frizz-free curls!

The Result:
Trying this product at home on a casual Sunday was fun…and the curls came out really pretty! You may find that your hair gets caught in the fine-tooth combs while you curl your hair, so our tip would be to swipe down the length of the hair once quickly with the device to ensure your hair is detangled, then begin your curl from root to ends. Alternatively, you can remove the side-combs alltogether if you wish. Interested in trying the BaByliss Steam Pure yourself? You will find it conveniently available online at Manor.

For more visuals, check out the BaByliss video here (in French)