Hasta Ice Cream – Now Open!

posted on | by Zuri Girl

We’re so thankful one of our Facebook friends told us about Hasta opening in the Niederdorf and couldn’t wait to find out more.

The Half Swiss / Half Brazilian owner, Paulo Bote grew up in Wallis making ice cream with his dad and chose the Niederdorf to open his own shop due to it’s liveliness, tourists and proximity to a lot of restaurants and cool bars.

Paulo shared with us fun facts that have us craving a scoop even more including Hasta’s:

 – Swiss Specialty Scoops: Alps Apricot, Basel Läckerli and chocolate from Felchlin

 – Hasta Speciality Scoops: Bergamot, Yuzu, Caramel au sel de Guerande, Ginger, Kiwi, Kulfi (cardamon) and Black Sesame

 – Sorbet Specialty Scoops: all 14 are Vegan

Zuri Girl Tip: Our insider Facebook friend shared that bergamot, ginger, and dark chocolate flavors are a MUSt to try…we’re ready to take that challenge! 

Hasta Ice Cream Shop

Spitalgasse 5, 8001 Zurich (map)

Open Daily from 12.00 – 22.00 | Hasta Website