HeARTbeat – Charity Event

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HeARTbeat is an event that promotes the talents of local artists whilst at the same time supporting a worthwhile cause. From 29th June to 6th July you will be able to visit the Heartbeat exhibition at Casa del Arte, near the Kunsthaus.

Proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the Swiss charity Action from Switzerland (rated within the top 500 NGOs by Devex in 2016).

This exhibition encompasses art of all kinds (music, painting, photography and jewelry) and gives the opportunity to both view and purchase art & related items as well as to meet with the artists whilst raising awareness, compassion and funds for vulnerable individuals seeking asylum in Europe.

The concept depicted throughout the pieces exhibited encapsulates both people and the nature that surrounds us – specifically water. The reason for this is very simple: Action from Switzerland (AFS), the non-profit organisation based in Zürich to whom proceeds from the exhibition will be donated, believes in solidarity with our fellow human beings that have been displaced by violence, conflict and persecution. Their work supports individuals to exercise their rights, in dignity, regardless of their race, language or religion.

AfS focuses efforts specifically on refugees and asylum seekers both entering Greece across the treacherous waters as well as those arriving in Switzerland.

Such a strong focus on people and their environment could not be ignored and thus became the concept for the exhibition. They bring you beautiful paintings, photography and accessories showcasing PEOPLE – the people that inspire, drive us and surround us – as well as WATER – a common and beautiful commodity that we can take for granted here in Switzerland yet something that for those that have left their troubled country represents both freedom and danger.

Event Details


– Friday 30 June: vernissage apero with DJ Gallo of Rundfunk.fm fame setting the music scene. We challenge you to try to resist the groove!

– Saturday 1 July: jewelry designer and founder of Balilani, Envita Hasler, invites kids and adults alike to make a beautiful piece of art to adorn your body whilst DJ Miroman spins some background afternoon tunes.

– Sunday 2 July DJ Chris Gummery will create the laid back Sunday afternoon vibe while artist Amy Ang will be painting live.

Artists Represented:  Tom Jedrzejak, Amy Ang, Patrizia Iaconisi, Envita Hasler and Rebecca Teague

Location: Casa del Arte, Wolfbachstrasse 11, 8032 Zürich

More Information:  Facebook Page

Article written by Rebecca Teague