Summer Beauty Tips

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Beauty may be only skin deep…but we have rounded up our favorite 2017 beauty tips for a fresh and feel-good summer! What are some of your everyday beauty tips? Tell us in the comments below.

To feel like a princess, visit our friends at Pedro Sanchez Salons. After recently celebrating 5 years in Zurich, the team tousles, colors and trims some of the most VIP scalps…and makes everyone feel like a very special client. We LOVE that they carry Shu Uemura Oil-in-Cream…our favorite daily product to add moisture to towel dried hair. Only a small pea-sized amount of this silicone-free cream is needed, and once it melts into your hair you will love how lightweight, yet intensely moisturized, silky and smooth it feels.

A perfect gel finish without a professional UV lamp, just color and top coat? We were introduced to Essie Gel Couture nail polish 2 years ago and have never gone back to standard nail polish ever since! From the well-designed brush for even color coverage, to the unique bottle shape that is easy to manage when painting your nails alone, we are in love! Available in most large stores…we get ours at Coop City.

The hunt for the perfect mascara is always a never ending quest, but we may have scored BIG…Monsieur Big that is. Bigger, bolder and blacker lashes that last longer than some of our favorite mascara’s of the past (yes, we’ve tried them all!). For an added glam effect, the eyeliner is no pen, it’s a marker and perfect to define your eyes for glittering summer nights! Available at Lancôme cosmetic counters. We found ours at Jelmoli.

Don’t forget to protect your precious lips this summer with eos Lip Balm in 4 delicious summer flavors: Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Fruit, Blueberry Acai and Sweet Mint. We love the high quality organic ingredients that will be touching our lips all day long: jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin E. Available at Coop and Manor these babies are just the right price to buy a few…one for each bag!

A Golden Tan:
Looking for the summer glow without the premature aging? We love the Bräunungsdusche: Spray Tan Shower at BeautySpace. There are three levels to choose from (light, medium, dark) and you can choose to tan just your legs, or your entire body (just CHF 35…and no appointment required!). The tan goes on clear and continuously develops over the next 24 hours. Don’t forget to moisturize dry areas (elbows, cuticles, bottoms of your feet) to ensure the tan doesn’t build up in those areas…trust us, no orange look or they will give you double your money back!

Boho Summer Fashion:
Now that you feel good in your skin, tie it all together with some new threads! You can find the bohemian look all over town and we are in love with the gorgeous boho collection available at Maison Gassmann. Playful, colorful and elegant…all we’re missing is a cocktail in our hand!

Happy Summer ladies!