Beauty By Jelmoli

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We recently attended Jelmoli’s Beauty Pop Up Party…a fabulous introduction to all the beauty summer has to offer!

Top Reasons we Loved Jelmoli’s Beauty Pop Up Party

* Jelmoli hosted markup artists from brands like MAC and Chanel who shared that we can expect eye shadow color combinations like browns and reds this coming season.

* Clarins introduced us to their top sun protection products for summer and winter. Yes! There is a big difference in how to protect against sun depending on the season and yes you should protect year round.

* Christian Dior delighted our noses with their line of floral scents only available in Zurich and Geneva.

* Alexander McQueen wowed us with their MQueen flora scent. It was as if one were wearing real flowers!

Zuri Girl Tip….Don’t just read about it, go be part of it gals! During Jelmoli’s Let’s Talk Beauty Days, Zuri Girls can speak to experts about the newest trends from the beauty world. 

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