Zuri West Quiz

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At your next coffee chit chat with friends, take the Zuri West quiz!

How many of the following questions about Zürich West can you get right? Answer each question as either True or False and then read Zuri Girl’s Guide to Zuri West to check if you were correct!

____ Escher Wyss Platz is named after one of Switzerland’s most renowned business leaders and politicians, Alfred Escher.

____ Switzerland was bombed during WWII and the Viadukt was one place that was attacked.

____ Prime Tower is also called Maag Tower and is Switzerland’s tallest building.

____ Steinfels was originally a beer brewery.

____ Toni Areal was once Europe’s largest dairy production factory.

____ Migros Herdern Haus was Switzerland’s first high rise building.

____ Zürich West’s HardTurm building was once a castle.

PSS… All answers can be found in our Guide to Zuri West…

Written by Zuri Girl Emilia Siravo is a freelance English language teacher and researcher living in Zurich, Switzerland. Born in Philadelphia to a passionate Italian father and fiery Argentine mother, Emilia felt propelled to neutralize things by marrying someone Swiss. In addition to her work, Emilia loves going on long hikes with her husband and very active 4-year-old son, doing BootCamp and practicing yoga. Follow Emilia online on Twitter: @esiravo or read her blog