An Afternoon with Faber-Castell

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Who doesn’t swoon at a stationary or an art supply shop? We were let loose on just that, like kids in the candy store when we were invited by Faber-Castell to an afternoon color-fest. What a most divine idea. We joined other bloggers and creative types around a table filled with pencils and markers and pastels and charcoal and brush pens and chalks, handed slices of beautiful paper and delicious food and one simple directive . . . play.

We were all giggly with excitement . . . where to begin?

There was air of timelessness about it all, not just those luscious boxes of pencils all laid out in rainbows sending us back to our childhood heart’s desires but hearing about the history of the company from the 1761 carpenter through 7 generation ending with Barons and Counts and castles it was a bit of a fairy story in itself.

We had a lover of unicorns across from us and some dragons were drawn and the steeples of Zurich out the window. When we slowed down they brought creative experiments and pastel meringues and we laughed more and had smudge color all over our hands. Our favorite was the new Gelatos pigment sticks, all bright and creamy smooth, and some with sparkly sheen.

They had us from the beginning, just walking in the door, but by the end we walked out a whole new set of friends. We’re calling on more networking meetings to be circles of women around a table full of colors and conversation. Or try one at home, with your girlfriends!

Ps. If you’re thinking about all those 2,000 million pencils a year that Faber-Castell makes out of wood, you’d love to hear also about the forests they grow and their 3 times as much oxygen as carbon emissions they produce, not just fairytale Counts but modern manufacturers.

Kaye BioArticle & photo contributed by Kaye Llewelynan Australian surfer far from the sea, she can be caught gazing wistfully out at the lake, but mostly found painting at the mal_Raum, drawing out desires at emBOLDed or glimpsing synchronicities around Zurich on her bike, with the red spotted seat.

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  1. Dear Kaye,
    It was a great pleasure to have you in the “color” team at the creative workshop! Thank you very much for your lovely feedback!
    Colorful regards, Claudia

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