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The new cultural space KOSMOS is opening up the 1st of September in the heart of Zurich. Ladies, it’s a café, book salon, cinema, event space… but altogether, it’s so much more. Zuri Girl went behind the (construction) scenes to get the inside scoop with Bruno Deckert, the innovative co-creator of KOSMOS. And yes, you may recognize Bruno as the owner of the beloved so-much-more-than-books bookstore, Sphères.

The Concept

KOSMOS is a cultural meeting point hub that is open to everyone. The goal is to engage people through movies, art, politics, books, food and events that drive interesting and thoughtful dialogues (and fun!). The space has 6 cinemas, 6 cafés / bars, a book salon, and forum space to host events. If that sounds intimidating at first, don’t be shy to give it a try! The space was really created to be friendly and welcoming to anyone and everyone.

The Atmosphere

Bruno and his team overlooked no details in creating the atmosphere of this culture center. KOSMOS is a large space and yet it’s also surprisingly cozy and welcoming. The atmosphere is not one of large anonymity, but rather a friendly local hub that offers lots of interesting attractions. They wanted to ensure the space was flexible enough to change and support the variety of events occurring. There are walls that can shift, curtains that can be drawn, and many entrances to allow for ideal space no matter the event. There are also tables and chairs which can be moved and meeting spaces that can be transformed. The really big idea at KOSMOS is that we can create a little world of our own right here in Zurich.

What to Expect

Restaurant / Bars: With 6 food and drink areas, you’ll never be far from something delicious. The main restaurant café is on the ground floor and boasts a large space for coffee, co-working, grabbing a meal with friends, and anything in between. The food will be traditional café fare with vegetarian options and English-speaking staff. There’s also a bar area on the main floor and an additional bar area downstairs by the cinemas. Upstairs is the quieter book world with an additional café where you can grab a cuppa before settling into a comfortable chair and reading a good book. The outside terrace will also be open when weather permits.

Cinemas: There are 6 movie theatres / auditoriums in total with the largest hosting up to 250 people. The films featured will be art house- and independent-style films that are harder to find around the city. Some films will be featured in English.

Book salon: Selling more than just books, this book salon will be more like a museum-style bookshop with different interesting objects and art pieces to inspire you. Books will be on subjects like politics, art, and philosophy and some will be offered in English.

Events: There will be a variety of events offered on a daily basis that are chosen to spark discussion and dialogue and to be thought-provoking to all guests. For example, KOSMOpolitics will be the political discussions that will be held openly on Monday evenings. Other events may include speakers, creative workshops, and whatever else you can dream up!

Zuri Girl Insider Tip: The events are also open to co-creation so if you have an idea, share it with the KOSMOS staff and it may just be realized!

What we Love

That we finally have a space to nourish the Mind as part of our Mind, Body, and Soul routines (almost like a fitness center for the mind!). We also love the variety of what is offered here and how it can perfectly suit being alone or meeting with friends. A coffee and then a movie, a political discussion and then perusing the bookshop. You certainly won’t get bored here, ladies!

Zuri Girl Insider Tip: Entrance into the community space is Franc-savvy free! And the perfect spot for those days when the weather is begging you to stay indoors.

KOSMOS. Opening 1 September 2017.
Lagerstrasse 104, 8004 Zürich (map)
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