Korean Cooking Class

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Hands-on, informative, fun and downright delicious is how we’d describe Chef Sherly’s Korean Cooking Class last weekend. Determined to spruce up our same ole meal-time routine, we gathered around the cooking table dressed in Chef Sherly’s Aprons for the inside scoop on Korean Cooking & Culture.

Top 5 Reasons we Love Chef Sherly’s Korean Cooking Class…

1. Chef Sherly. After a heart-warming welcome, Chef Sherly led the class with energy, pizzaz and provided enough information to educate without overloading. She smiles from head to toe as she instructs you to “marinate with love” and slips in everyday tips like how to identify the best chili and which Zurich shops to visit for hard-to-find ingredients and specialty meats.

2. Hands-On Cooking. Dressed in black & white aprons, each attendee received their own bowl and cooking utensils. As Chef Sherly demonstrated, we cut, sliced, mixed and marinated prepping and then cooking…learning techniques along the way like how to slice veggies julienne style and decorating dessert plates with creamy mango hearts.

3. A Glimpse into Korea. Laughing at stereotypes, Chef Sherly shared with us insight into Korean kitchens and the people inside them. The oh so trendy Kimchi flooding health-food aisles here has always been the Korean’s superfood staple for breakfast, lunch and / or dinner. Families ferment their own recipe once temperatures drop to zero and fill storage spaces with it hoping to last through the winer.

4. The Meal. Exchanging favorite Zurich restaurant and recipe tips with newly made friends, we enjoyed our delicious cooking including Kimchi, Bulgogi (Korean BBQ), Seafood Pajeon (savoury pancake) and Sweet coconut rice cake complimented by a Korean wine & tea. Loving the flavor and twist on the ‘usual’ Friday night meal, we can’t wait to try at home. 

5. Take-Away Treats. In addition to nicely printed recipe sheets, Chef Sherly sent us home with 2 Kimchi filled Tupperware bowls – you know what’s in Zuri Girl’s lunch box this week! 


Zuri Girl Tip: Ask Chef Sherly to share the story about how women used green onions to fight during the war and you’ll look at self-defense in a whole new way! 

Sherly’s Kitchen

When: Thursday & Friday night classes from 18.00 – 21.00

– 19 May: Korean Dumplings & Japchae

– 9 June: Korean Summer Special

– 21 April: Korean Classes – Korean BBQ & Kimchi

– 28 July: Swiss Cooking – The Classic

Where: Gubelstrasse 10, 8050 Zurich (map)

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