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Do you sometimes wish you could just get away from it all to reconnect with yourself? Life keeps us busy at a dizzying pace and often we are spread so thin that we are taking care of everyone around us…while neglecting ourselves.

Ladies, it is time to Be YOU Again. One inspirational woman from Zurich went on a journey to reconnect with her soul and the result was so powerful, she devoted her life to helping individuals rediscover their core values and get back on a life path that is fulfilling. 

The Concept:
Individuals are welcome to book one of three upcoming Be Again retreat weeks this summer 2017 (see below for dates), or groups and enterprises can work directly with the team to customize a bespoke retreat to suit your aspirations and schedule. Each retreat comes complete with airport transfers, a daily itinerary to include workshops and outdoor activities and visits with local producers, all meals, healthy workshops, yoga, meditation, mentoring…and so many more invaluable moments!


The Location:
In order to “see the essentials” and appreciate life’s precious moments, you need to get out of your familiar surroundings. That is exactly why Be Again retreats are located on the beautiful island of Ibiza, far away from the nightlife, where you can become one with the magnetism this destination provides…don’t just take our word for it, the island of Ibiza is grounded on a bed of crystals and is known to emanate magical energy, The island is also geographically situated opposite Es Vedra, the third most magnetic point in the world (after the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle).

The beautiful Finca property is situated literally at the heart of the island, close to Santa Gertrudis and 20min from the Airport. Guests can expect to find within the house 6 authentic, modern and bright rooms, each with a private bathroom (4 with an ensuite bathroom), complete with a beautiful outdoor swimming pool and barbecue.

The Cuisine:
Tantalize your palate with top quality ingredients, expertly combined by “Max the Ninja Chef” of the island. She is in love with her job where she can express herself freely, from exciting flavor dimensions, to territories of textures, cracker combinations and post-modern cuisine…in which many ingredients come from her own urban garden. Your 7 day retreat includes all meals, including breakfast/brunch, lunch, dinner and picnics.

The Program:
Experience a deep sense of peace and solitude with your own inspired thoughts, as your days will be filled with an itinerary that includes nourishing culinary meals by Max, meditative island Walking Ibiza tours with Toby, mind clearing yoga classes with Anna, inspirational talks with Nadir who parallels his love for restoring furniture and it’s beautiful imperfections with accepting your own, island cleansing ritual with Belinda from mid-life mentoring, and optional osteopathic treatments with Virginia. Your retreat is complete with a beautiful fine-art photo by Youri Claessens Photography…a moment captured in time, a symbol of where you are, and where you are going after this experience.

The Woman Behind the Brand:
“Every step, every breath is a gift. I choose to be grateful and present in this moment, in this part of my life. I trust myself and my path” – Avieta, Founder. Read more about Avieta and her passions here.


Be Again – Ibiza Retreats
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Week 1: June
17.06.2017 – 24.06.2017 (25% Launch Discount)

Week 2: September
30.09.2017 – 07.10.2017

Week 3:  October
07.10.2017 – 14.10.2017