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Search 100,000 businesses and book appointments. is a new start-up created by founder Abdulina Natalia providing a multi-lingual website helping you navigate Swiss services like never before. From Haircuts to Handymen, you can search and book exactly what you need without the hassle of calling!

We recently chatted with Abdulina to find out the inside scoop…

Zuri Girl…What does do? 

FreshTag is a new start-up, which went live early 2017.

FreshTag is the online marketplace for businesses and clients, who interact in our everyday life in different spheres, such as Health&Beauty, Sports, Home&Garden, Pets, etc. By this platform we want to facilitate the transactions between service-based SME businesses and their clients.

Businesses showcase their work, connect with clients and build their business. While clients can easily discover new services and providers and book appointments online.

Zuri Girl…Why was created? 

We see several key reasons for that.

1.  Switzerland being truly one of the innovative centers in the world, still widely uses pencil and paper in our everyday life with all unpleasant consequences, which we all face from time to time. It should be changed.

2. Switzerland is a truly international country, speaking various international languages. It is a home for a big number of international companies as well as governmental organizations, making the share of foreigners up to 30%. People should easily find the services, book and rate them.

3. Service-based businesses are mostly small companies, which cannot afford not only an online booking tool, but even a website. With a simple, yet powerful, tool we want them to get found and booked by local customers.

Zuri Girl…What type of person can benefit from

All of us, common people, should benefit by easily and quickly finding and booking the service we need not depending on time or a day. FreshTag saves time and money, and keeps you in a good mood.

Businesses, either being well-established or unknown, should benefit by growing client coverage, costs savings, improving reputation, and at the end business growth.

Zuri Girl…Who’s behind this idea? What’s your background? Is this your first start-up? 

This is an idea of myself, a foreigner in Switzerland, being a banking clerk in the past, but nowadays a mom of two lovely kids who faces these matters every and each day. The idea and the product is supported by my family and a team of international IT developers.

Zuri Girl…What languages is available in? Do you also search businesses by language preference? 

Living in such a multilingual country as Switzerland FreshTag offers you 4 languages: German, English, French, Italian.

Zuri Girl…Are there really 100,000 businesses? How do you find your businesses to list?

It might be even more as FreshTag targets SME market. We see the potential for small companies in different sectors to get found and booked by local customers. Today the most efficient marketing channel is internet via a variety of professional and social networks, but traditional marketing channels are not forgotten as well.

Zuri Girl…If I’m a business, how can help me?  

FreshTag is 24/7 online appointment booking software built for your business. It combines in one an appointment calendar, communication tool and client manager. So, get quickly discovered on-line, improve your operational efficiency, get more new clients and retain existing ones. Save hours a day and increase profitability by eliminating the hassles of scheduling with pencil and paper. As a next step we will propose marketing and promotional features for our clients.

Zuri Girl…Where do you hope to see in 5 years? 

To be a recognized brand in Switzerland and daily used app by millions of citizens.

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