yamo – organic baby food

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yamo is a new baby food service pureeing only 100% organic Swiss ingredients and adding absolutly 0 additives.  With healthy babies at the heart of their project, we are excited to share the news of yamo.

Leave the (healthy) cooking to someone else Mommas!

Zuri Girl: Why was yamo created?

Yamo: yamo was created to solve parents’ dilemma of either preparing homemade and fresh babyfood with a lot of effort and time (shopping for groceries, washing, peeling, cutting, steaming, pureeing, filling, storing/freezing – and always remembering to defrost on time), or buying ready to eat babyfood which is heat sterilized and therefore kills off vital enzymes and nutrients. With yamo, we solve this dilemma by using an innovative and gentle way of producing the freshest and most natural available organic babyfood.


Zuri Girl: Why the focus on babies? 

Yamo: When we saw that common ready to eat babyfood is shelf stable for several years we asked ourselves: Why should we feed our children with something older than the children? That was when we realised that there is a need for natural and healthy babyfood for parents who don’t manage to prepare everything themselves but still want a healthy solution.


Zuri Girl: Is yamo a Swiss German word or does it have a meaning…why did you decide on yamo for the company?

Yamo: yamo comes from the Italian word amo which means I love, and reminds one of yamyam, the “childish” sound we make when we eat something delicious.


Zuri Girl: What industry were the founders working in before? Is this your first start-up?  Did you always have an interest in nutrition? 

Yamo: It’s our first startup, and we love it! All three of us have been working in the FMCG industry before, and we love to cook and talk about nutrition a lot. Actually the idea was created during a “vegan month” of the two founders Luca & Tobi.


Zuri Girl: Tell us about the process for creating the food? Where do you source your goods? Where is it cooked? 

Yamo: We use the innovative and gentle technology of high-pressure pasteurization. Thanks to the use of pressure instead of heat, our purees still contain all of their vitamins, their fresh real taste as well as their natural colors. And that way, yamo can even be stored refrigerated for several weeks – without any additives at all. We source our goods from regional Swiss suppliers and produce yamo completely in Zurich.


Zuri Girl: Where can we buy yamo?

Yamo: Right now you can preorder yamo through our crowdfunding campaign and take advantage of the special offer on our baby food creations. Our onlineshop will follow mid April.


Zuri Girl: You are currently raising funds, correct? Is this difficult? Yamo: How are you spreading the word?

We want to raise CHF 48’000 with our crowdfunding campaign to finance the first large-scale production. We already raised 60% in the first 13 days and we still have time until April 13th to reach our goal. Every help is very much appreciated!:-)

We use Social Media like our facebook page facebook.com/yamobaby to spread the word. The help of friends & family especially in the first days is crucial.

Zuri Girl: What’s been the most exciting part of starting yamo? 

Yamo: Every day is just awesome! We keep learning tons of new stuff all the time and we meet the most amazing and interesting people. But holding our final beautiful product in our very own hands…I guess this will beat everything.