Get Naked, Get Wet, Get Buff!

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Buff Scrub is a new twist on the daily scrub using fairly traded, organic coffee.

Zuri Girl chatted with coffee crazed creators, Amy & Tom Derrington…Here’s the scoop gals…


Zuri Girl: How was the idea born?

Amy & Tom: We first came up with the idea after hearing that our mother had started saving her old coffee grounds to rub on her skin – she wanted to fight her wrinkles. We laughed at her at first but then started researching the benefits of coffee and realised that she was on to something.  

Zuri Girl: What’s the 3 main advantages of Buff  

Amy & Tom:

1. Coffee is great for the skin – the caffeine stimulates blood circulation which can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Caffeine also contains anti-oxidants which fight against free radicals. 

2. Natural and Bio – There are no chemicals or nasties in our bags, we source bio and fairly traded coffee and the best pure and organic oils.

3. No Microbeads – Coffee is the perfect alternative to the tiny plastic balls found in other exfoliators. 


Zuri Girl: Is this to replace daily soap or use in addition to? 

Amy & Tom: Buff Scrub is an exfoliator so it is perfect to use once or twice a week alongside your usual soaps to give your skin that extra boost. The coconut and sweet almond oil will also moisturize your skin and leave it feeling silky smooth.  


Zuri Girl: So, we’re helping our bodies AND the environment too? 

Amy & Tom: Exactly, did you know that most Body scrubs and other cosmetics contain microbeads, tiny pieces of plastic that get flushed into the lakes and ocean and are causing havoc to the environment. Fish and birds are eating this plastic and there are even traces of it ending up back on our dinner plates. Yuk.

 Zuri Girl: Will we smell like coffee all day? 

Amy & Tom: Noooo! Although the smell of coffee is nice…it is probably better coming from your freshly brewed cup. We add a blend of pure quality essential oil which will leave your skin smelling amazing. We currently have three flavours, Awaken (peppermint), Tranquility (Mandarin) and Purify (Lemongrass). 


Zuri Girl: Do either of you come from the coffee or skin care industry? 

Amy & Tom: No we are just complete coffee junkies. We had the idea in a coffee shop and now we get to drink coffee all day, shower with coffee and work with coffee too. 


Zuri Girl: Is coffee a common bath time ingredient? 

Amy & Tom: We love people’s reactions when they first hear about rubbing coffee on their skin. But we think that more and more people are starting to turn away from the large multi-national products, loaded with chemicals and instead they are being drawn towards these independent natural products which are loaded with their own skin benefits. 


Zuri Girl: Do you really individually make each bag? Tell us…where, how? 

Amy & Tom: Yes we do, we have turned my kitchen into a makeshift factory and we lovingly hand make each bag and post it out to customers with a hand written note. My husband isn’t happy as he doesn’t even like to drink coffee! We are even planning to start posting Facebook live videos so customers can see exactly how and when their own bag is being made.


Zuri Girl: Where can you buy Buff Scrub? 

Amy & Tom: You can order online at with free delivery. You can also find Buff Scrub in Maggs stores across Switzerland and the Tarzan Shops.