Who made your clothes?

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Join the Fashion Revolution! A 6-day program focusing on sustainable fashion.

This year is the second time that we’re celebrating Fashion Revolution to raise awareness around fair fashion and is organized by a local team of women, lead by Pauline Treis, founder of Junglefolk, and Martina Fink, Beauty & Life Coach. There will be several events happening in the week of 24.04 with a big event on Saturday at Photobastei. A mix of a Fair Fashion Market, informative workshops, film screenings, panel discussion, Apéro, art installation, photo booth and live music are the highlights of this event. This is a great event to get more information on fair fashion, learn how you can make your own consumption more sustainable and discover methods how you can be part of the positive change with little mindset and behavior changes. The visitors are invited to get more information about fair fashion and to reflect on their own consumer behavior with a big fair fashion market, informative workshops, an interesting panel discussions and conversations throughout the day.

Details about the Fashion Revolution Week:

Monday, 24.04.17 trough Friday, 28.04.17: Several events organized by local stores, markets and organizations

Saturday, 29.04.17: Fashion Revolution Day at Photobastei in Zurich

13.00 – 21.00 Fair Fashion Market with over 25 sustainable brands and shops

13.00 – 17.00 Several workshops and film screening of “The True Cost“ and more

18:00 – 19:00 Panel discussion around sustainable fashion

19:00 – 24:00: Apéro and live music

There will also be an art installation, a photo booth corner as well as food corners and a bar. You can find all information on the Fashion Revolution Day Facebook Event.

The Beginning of a Revolution

On 24.04.13, Rana Plaza, a textile factory in Bangladesh, collapsed due to lacking safety measures, and over 1100 people died. This day marked the beginning of Fashion Revolution, a global movement that runs all year round to remember this tragic incident and its victims, and to raise awareness around the fast fashion industry. Fashion Revolution also focuses on the positive aspects of the fashion industry by celebrating fair and fashionable brands and what has already been done for a better future of fashion. The Fashion Revolution Week takes place around 24.04. every year, and there are events happening worldwide that discuss important questions and raise awareness around a more ethical and sustainable industry.

The Dark Side of Fashion

The fashion industry is in need of a revolution! Transparency of what’s going on and information about what can be done are the first steps toward a more sustainable future. 

The production of clothes is quite complicated, but fashion is cheap, so something has to be wrong here! The garment workers often work 16hour-days, 7 days a week in the sweat shops. They don’t earn enough money to sustain their families, and they live in poor brick buildings. There is often not even clean water. The chemicals used to grow non-organic cotton and to dye the fabrics are severely health-damaging and very polluting for the environment. The fast fashion industry is also promoting overconsumption, which results in huge amounts of waste that is often just shipped to poorer countries, where these clothes are not of use and even destroy the local market. And this is just a quick insight into what’s really happening…


Photos & Article by Zuri Girl Martina Fink…a Health & Life Coach and a Beauty Expert and helps ambitions young women live vibrant, healthy and fulfilling lives, considering a variety of aspects to live more sustainably and consciously and produce less waste. The goal is to help women feel beautiful and balanced inside and out with what they already have right now, and to dream big and discover their purpose to create the life of their dreams.