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We’re reuniting with Boudoir Photographer, Clare Breheny, for this special one-off event as she visits us from London on 6 May 2017. It’s a unique opportunity you will never forget or regret.

We realize the idea of being seductively dressed in a bedroom with a stranger might at first seem a bit intimating, but that’s why we’re here to give you the inside scoop and we really do pinky-swear you will love the experience and cherish the photos.

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We asked 2 ladies from past events for their thoughts & recommendations…

Zuri Girl: What were you most nervous about and how did you overcome it during the shoot? 

Elena: I was most nervous about being in my underwear for a photo shoot with a complete stranger, but fortunately Claire has a lot of experience and is really able to make you feel comfortable and confident. She knows what she is doing to make sure you have the best image. I really appreciated the different poses she suggested, no matter how difficult they were to hold!

Bettina: The thing that scared me the most was to be in a room with a professional photographer while having almost nothing on and while never ever having done a photo shoot before. But in fact it was very easy to overcome this situation, as Clare made me feel at ease… she is a very nice, welcoming and a sensitive person and 100% professional. I could easily trust her and after a few minutes I was not only feeling comfortable but very much enjoying it!

Zuri Girl: What recommendation do you have for someone participating in Bubbles & Boudoir? 

Elena: To just HAVE FUN! It is such a great experience that can really boost your confidence whether they are pictures for a special someone or just for you! Remember to bring a few outfit options and let Clare use her expertise to guide you throughout the process!

Bettina: I would recommend to focus more on what you are doing than what you are wearing and only pack items you really like or feel good in.

Zuri Girl: What did you do with your Bubbles & Boudoir images? 

Elena: I created an album for my husband as a Christmas gift. He LOVED the gift and still looks at it from time to time. He reminds me very often that it was a great gift idea!

Bettina: Two of my images hang on the wall in our living room and two, more intimate ones, hang on the wall in our bedroom. Normally I am not a “picture on the wall” type of woman, but these ones are just so professional and creative that we simply love them. The rest of the images are kept privately in the portrait box, those are very intimate and not allowed to be seen by everyone. By the way my boyfriend LOOOOVVVEEED the pictures and it was such a boost for my self confidence – Amazing!

Zuri Girl: Why were you interested in participating in Bubbles & Boudoir?

Elena:  Friends in the United States had chatted about Boudoir photography and I really wanted to try it. Bubbles & Boudoir seemed like the perfect solution for me in Switzerland. It offered the opportunity to experience Boudoir photography in a comfortable and convenient way. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a boost in confidence for themselves or someone in search of a special gift.

Bettina: I searched a long time before for an event like Bubbles & Boudoir. I always wanted to have a Boudoir shoot but was not interested in the unknown internet offers. The whole organisation of the Bubbles & Boudoir event was very professional and looked like a lot of fun…to be taken care of by a make up artist and the very cool location was also a plus! Moreover it was organised by women who I guessed were very sensitive with the whole shooting moment. The fact the shoot was private and that the experience was explained by Clare very well convinced me in the end. It was a very special “woman-day” that I very much enjoyed in every way! I recommend it to everyone – if it is for yourself, a gift for your boyfriend or just a souvenir from a very special moment! You won’t be disappointed at all!


Zuri Girl sat down with photographer, Claire, to find out what gives her the goose bumps when working on shoots for Clare’s Boudoir Photography.

Zuri Girl: Why was Bubbles & Boudoir created?

Clare: Boudoir photography is more than just a photo shoot – I wanted to bring together a team of people who would provide the right atmosphere and experience for the ladies.

It’s really important that the make up is done with the camera in mind as well as keeping with the ladies’ own personal style. Alexandra, our Bubbles and Boudoir make-up artist is simply great and we work really well together.

Making the ladies feel comfortable and relaxed is also extremely important. Girlfriend Guide are in their element hosting the ladies and ensuring all the important details of the event are just perfect.  I am so proud of the experience we have created.

Zuri Girl: How do you help ladies relax?

Clare: I find that most women are worried about how to pose – where to put their hands, what facial expression to have, what will be flattering for them, and it’s only natural to feel this way if it’s your first shoot… I talk my clients through EVERYTHING so that this all becomes really easy… as soon as they know that they only have to follow simple directions you see the wave of relief rush over them! (Though they also find out how hard models have to work!!)

Many women are also worried about being undressed in front of the camera, but once they meet me they realise there’s absolutely nothing to be intimidated about!!

Zuri Girl: What gives you good goose bumps about the Bubbles & Boudoir event?

Clare: Boudoir is a mix of nerves, excitement, intrepidation, relief, exhilaration and then the moment of WOW when they see the pictures! I love going on this emotional journey and process of transformation with my clients… it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done… to bring someone the gift of self confidence is magical and often brings tears to my eyes… and the goose bumps.


Each group of women are unique yet a secret shared aura exists. We meet them downstairs in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel. Most have no make-up on, are dressed in jeans and will be carrying a suitcase. Looking incognito, we escort them upstairs and its often ice-breaking nervous chatter in the elevator. However, once inside sipping bubbly and sharing their outfits, jewelry and accessories with Clare, it’s a bustle of chatter anticipation. Dressed in their hotel robes, ladies are straightening their hair, having their make-up applied and admiring the Penthouse View. Hours later as we bid farewell, its all smiles as these red-carpet ready ladies are looking and feeling beautiful.

It’s also fun hearing what the ladies will do with their photos. Some have secret Santa plans to place a small box on their boyfriends nightstand while others finally have found a solution to their apartment’s boring 4-walls.

During the past 3 years, we’ve come across so many inspirational stories…ladies who are getting married, ladies who are getting divorced, ladies who have work 80 hours per week and are ready to do something for themselves, ladies who want their children to remember them as beautiful, ladies who want to remember what they looked like before having children…there are so many stories and it really boils down to capturing who you are, in your natural state and celebrating YOU!

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Images courtesy of Clare Breheny Photography