Google wants your Feedback!

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In Google’s largest engineering center outside of the US more than 2000 employees from 75 nationalities are working on services like Google Maps, Google Assistant or YouTube….NOW, Google Switzerland is looking for your feedback to improve those services. We recently received the privileged invitation to step past the threshold of the Google offices located at Brandschenkestrasse 110, near Zurich’s Hürlimann Areal, to discover more about what it means to join this unique opportunity!

What is Google Usability?

The world’s largest search engine, Google, wants YOU to help improve their services and applications (current and future!). They do this via User Experience Research Studies conducted in their research lab. While this all sounds very fancy and technologically advanced, it is actually quite simple…they want feedback from various people to help them determine if they are either on the right track when developing a new product enhancement, or if they need to re-think their design. For example, if enough study participants intuitively reach for the “save” button at the top right of the screen, they may move the button from the bottom left to match what they feel the user naturally prefers.

What is it like to join a study?

Before you can join a study, you must register (link below) to receive an invitation to participate. Once the team in the Google Zurich office organize a study, they will sort through the database of registered and willing participants to select individuals who match their needs (Zuri Girl Tip…they’re looking for more women!)

If you receive an invitation to participate, it will likely arrive via the form of an email which includes a short questionnaire to verify your eligibility. Afterwards, you may be invited to continue the study either in the Google Zurich office, in your own home, or possibly online via your computer or mobile device.

The study itself is quite comfortable. If hosted in person at the Google office, you will be greeted at reception and invited to the study lab…which is really just a cozy room that includes a sofa, television, work desks with computers and a few cameras. While there, it will feel like you are chatting with a new friend while checking out a new app on their mobile phone, for example. They will ask you a few questions about your own personal habits that relate to the topic, while watching how you navigate through the screens on the mobile device. Before you know it, your portion of the study has been completed and you learned something new and unique about how this cool company works!

How Do I Sign Up?

Register to become a Usability Study Participant here: Google Usability Study

It’s that simple!

Do I get paid to participate in a Google Usability Study?

As a token of Google’s appreciation for your time, it’s likely you will receive payment in the form of a gift card to a local store. For example, participants from the study hosted a few months ago received a gift card to Migros!

Tell us more about the Google Zurich offices…

It’s true, the office space is incredibly cool and the people who work for Google Zurich (aka “Googlers”) are a really fun and engaging group…and their work environment seems to make it all the more fun to go to work every day! We were fortunate to begin our meeting in “The Library” (pictured above) where there was a lovely refreshment bar available for employees to treat themselves and visitors to a beverage while discussing their next Google project. Oh so exciting!

Hopefully you, too, can visit the Google Zurich offices as a study participant! If you haven’t already entered your name on the list, you can register here!