What’s That Called?

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We’ve all been there – standing and staring at all the products in the grocery aisle wondering which one to buy. Which one is the best? Does this also clean that? Or, now that you are living in another country, is this similar to the product I would use in my home country? Zuri Girl is here to help you take the guess work out of buying some of the most basic cleaning supplies, baking ingredients and medicines that you know and love. While this isn’t a complete list of everything that is available in Switzerland, we hope that is helps you find something similar to what you are used to…and maybe even something better!

Happy shopping!
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Cleaning Supplies
What it does What it’s called
Glass cleaner Terra Glas-Reiniger
Interior/exterior car cleaner Armor-all
Tire shiner Wet & Black
Car wax Turtle wax
Dish wash detergent esp. for glass
(Jet Dry)
Wood cleaner (Pledge) Pronto Holzarten Auffrischung
Lime scale remover Antikal Kalkreiniger
Bleach (Clorox) Javel(wasser)
Spray air freshener Febreze
Surface cleaner (Scrubbing Bubbles) Cillit Bang Aktivschaum
Surface cleaner Pronto Multi-Flächen
Wood floor cleaner Pronto Holzreiniger
Tile/laminate floor cleaner Ajax
Stain remover -clothes
(Shout, Spray n Wash)
Vanish Fleckenentferner
Toilet bowl cleaner WC Ente
Dishwasher salt (neutralizes lime scale) Reosal
Disposable duster/mop Swiffer
Wool fabric detergent Woolite or Perwoll Wolle & Feines
Fabric softener (Downey) Softlan
Stain remover-carpet (Resolve) Vanish Oxi Action Power Spray
Color safe bleach Ariel or Persil Universal
Super glue Pattex Sekundenkleber
What it does What it’s called
For sore/tight muscles (Icy Hot) Dulix or Perskindol
Non-aspirin pain reliever Tylenol, Ben-u-ron or Panadol
Children’s pain reliever Kinder Tylenol, Ben-u-ron Syrup
Itch relief from bites, rashes,
sunburn, eczema
Relieves sunburn (aloe vera lotion) Apres-Soleil Nivea
Contact solution Opti-Free
Cold sore relief Zovirax
Vaginal yeast infection (Monistat) Canesten GYN
Fungal cream Lamisil
Cold/flu medicine Pretuval
-with vitamin C and pain reliever NeoCitran
Relieves pain, inflammation or sport injuries Voltaren
Helps heal severely chapped lips Carmex
Relieves pressure, bloating and gas
in digestive tract
Antacid (Tums) Riopan
Nasal decongestive Rhinopront N or Otrivin
Treats fever, pain and congestion Fluimucil (non/drowsy)
Assists with decongestion Vicks Vapor Rub
Cough syrup Tossamin (non/drowsy)
Soar throat relief Mebucain F
Hay fever relief Telfastin
Antihistamine Antihistaminika (e.g. Aerius, Lorado, Zyrtec)
Helps wounds heal quicker (Neosporin) Bepanthen or Vita-Merfen
Immune system boosting vitamins
(Air Bourne)
Baking and Cooking
What it is What it’s called
Shortening (Crisco) Pflanzenfett/Speisefett
Cream of tarter Weinstein (from a pharmacy)
Skim milk Magermilch
Vanilla extract Vanille aroma
Corn starch Maisstärke
Corn meal Polenta
Baking soda Natron or Natriumbicarbonat
Baking powder Backpulver
Brown sugar See Girlfriend Guide article
Oats Haferflöckli
Seasoning salt Herbamare or Aromat
Worcestershire sauce Heinz Worcestershire sauce
Brown rice Naturreis
Yeast for fondue Maizena
Maple syrup Ahornsirup
Nutritious chocolate milk (Ovaltine) Ovomaltine


While some items are rather easy to figure out after some searching, we hope this list is helpful! Have some additional items to share with our girlfriends? Email us!




2 thoughts on “What’s That Called?

  1. I have found a few others to mention:

    Molasses is called “Melasse” in German and can be found hear the honey.
    Baking spray is called “Backspray” and can be found near the cake mixes.
    Buttermilk is called “Buttermilch”and is found near the yogurts and “to go” milk drinks.

  2. A few more! Someone asked me about flour and here’s the lowdown:

    – Dinkelmehl: spelt flour
    – Butterzopfmehl: flour just for making Swiss zopf bread
    – Allzweck-mehlmischung (Glutenfrei): all-purpose gluten free flour mix
    – Brotbackmischung (Gluntenfrei): gluten free bread flour mix
    – Ruchmehl: High ash flour
    – Halbweissmehl: half white flour (although I wasn’t able to find out what the other half is…)
    – Vollkornmehl: whole wheat flour
    – Weissmehl: white flour
    – Haushaltmehl: all-purpose white flour

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