Wednesday Night Out

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All you can eat Sushi in Zurich??!! We didn’t believe it could be true either, but after accepting a kind invitation to give it a try, we can happily report The Eden au Lac Hotel is hosting an Asian & Sea Food Market every Wednesday serving all the Sushi, Sashimi and Seafood delights one can enjoy in one night.

Grab your chopsticks and enjoy gals!

The Ambiance
A 5-star hotel set on the footsteps of Lake Zurich is your escape for the evening. The buffet seating area is divided into 2 main rooms: the Lobby Lounge featuring intimate Afternoon Tea style seating areas and the more traditional dining table area.

Both boasting an ‘old school’, elegant feeling transferring you to the leading lady in a historical romance novel.

The Food

The buffet is divided into 5 sections: cold-plate starters, a meat-carving station, a Sushi / Sashimi station, main hot dishes and desserts. Labeled in German & English, it’s easy to identify the menu and each station also has a friendly staff member incase you need any help.

The night began as we created a seafood sampler of crabs, mussels, shrimps and smoked salmon along with a Singapore Salad with Shrimp and Beef Tartar with sesame and wasabi. Yum!

Bouncing between the Sushi / Sashimi Station and Hot Buffet, our taste buds toured delicious stops like hand-rolled Duck Wraps, Kingfish Sashimi, Assam Chili Shrimp & Black Pepper Beef and Fried Rice on Banana Leaves all accompanied with a variety of sauces and dips with the Chili Sauce spicing up most of our selections.

Ending the night, we fell in love with the desserts and the naughty / nice combination of fresh fruits and sweet treats. Puddings, cakes and chocolate truffles stole our hearts away!

Why we Love It

If you’re new to eating seafood, this is an awesome opportunity to explore the tastes of the sea. You may sample small bites to find out what you like…the best part being you can go back for more and there are a couple of meat selections if you really decide you don’t fancy the sea.

The Eden au Lac is a beautiful hotel – a charming place to take family visiting Zurich or excuse to gather the girls around a coffee table to gossip the night away.

Zuri Girl Tips

The desserts are 5-star delicious so if you have love at first sight, but haven’t hit the appetizers yet, steal it away early on as it might not be there when you return.

The sushi rolls are prepared fresh but that also means there may be a line. Order several at once or request a platter for your table to ensure you don’t wait too long and miss the table talk.

Take a walk along the lovely Seefeld Promenade after dinner. It’s romantic and refreshing after a long, leisurely delicious meal!

Book your Table

When: Every Wednesday | 18.00

Where: Eden au Lac

Cost: CHF 78 / person (drinks are purchased separately)

Reservations: Eden au Lac Website | +41 44 266 25 25