Fitness on the Go

posted on | by Zuri Girl

Ski Holidays, Summer Holidays, Fall Break…The Swiss Schools seems to always have an excuse for an adventure, but how oh how gals can we keep our figure with all these holidays??

Here are some helpful Zuri Girl tips from Personal Trainer Leticia to keep you moving and fit while you are out and away!

Know your goals. Whether you are training for a marathon, trying to lose weight or just want to keep your current fitness level, always remember what your goals are. Just this little reminder, might motivate you to step out that holiday door for a bit of exercise.

Pack your fitness clothes! If you at least have something to workout in, shorts, pants, shoes, socks they can at least serve as a reminder to get moving! Making a special workout purchase before your holiday may help, check out Lululemon on Marktgasse for that new outfit to motivate you out the door.

Don’t Stress. It only takes a one hour workout a week (at your regular intensity) to maintain your current fitness level. You will not make set any PRs, but at least you won’t be starting from scratch when you return home.

Ask your hotel if they provide workout classes for guests. Some hotels will have a gym onsite with scheduled classes. Other hotels may have a deal with a local gym and guests can workout for a small entrance fee. You can even ask about personal training. Some trainers will meet you outside a gym for a training tailored just for you!

Workout at the airport! Zurich airport has a beautiful fitness center open 365 days of the year, they even have classes and personal training available. Arrive for your flight early and hit the gym before you take off. Check out prices, hours and offerings before arriving.

Go out for a run. This may be the easiest and least expensive way to both exercise and see a new city. As soon as your feet hit the ground you are your own personal tour guide and can even scout out areas that you would want to check out later, even if it is a margarita shack!

Book an active holiday. These are gaining in popularity. Yoga and Surfing in Bali, surfing in Spain, Bootcamp in Ibiza are just a few of the workout holidays that are available. Research online or head to the travel agency to find out what the world has to offer! We even feature one here and they have a 10% Girlfriend Guide discount. 

Workout in your room. Can’t spare an extra minute to find something to do? Just drop and do a 10-minute round of 10 Pushups, 10 Squats, 10 Bridges, 10 jumping jacks and 10 Burpees. Repeat the round for the full 10 minutes. Easy to do right before you jump in the shower to rev up your heartrate and get you ready for your day of relaxing by the pool or sitting in a conference.

Take the stairs. Maybe just set a goal that you will take the stairs wherever you go. Room on the 14th floor? Great! You will have a slammin booty in no time!

Its ok to take a break. Last but not least, it is ok to stop with the workout routine for a little while. Sometimes we just need a break, and a couple weeks may be what your body needs to be motivated back home.

Written by Zuri Girl, Leticia Mora. A Personal Trainer since 2012 with a background in psychology and fitness, she makes personal training a perfect combination to motivate and get people on a healthy lifestyle track. She absolutely loves helping people to realize their goals. Since moving to Switzerland she has started Rockin Bods, a personal training company.