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Baby, it’s cold.. rainy … blustery … bleak ..or a combination of everything outside! Avoid this season’s cabin fever by getting out of the house and visiting one of Zurich’s many kid friendly museums. In addition to sparing your sanity, these museums will keep the kids entertained while teaching everyone something new.

Enjoy Zuri Girl’s favorites…

Swiss Science Center Technorama

What to expect: Get ready to literally be blown away in this amazing center of science. The Swiss Science Center Technorama offers something for the inner geek in all of us. Technorama is easily accessible by either rail (S12/ S29) to Oberwinterthur or by car (parking available in front of the building).

What we love: Don’t leave without checking out both Technorama’s ultra-cool gas show “Gases – only a breath but powerful” (make sure to cover the little ones’ ears) and the dynamic high voltage show “The natural history of a lightening flash”. For an overview of the daily exhibits and shows, click here.

How many francs: Adults: 28 CHF | Kids 6-16: 17 CHF | Kids <6: Free

Annual membership rates available

Zuri Girl Tip: If going with older children (+7) make sure to check out the daily program to see which children’s hands-on science workshops your kids might want to attend.

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What to expect: Kindercity offers 4 floors of hands-on experiments and exhibits that engage kids (and their parents) in the learning process. Our favorite exhibits include: the recycling process, how weather is formed and an overview of how the human body works.

What we love: The giant crane, rooftop go-carts and getting inside the ‘bungee jumper’.

How many francs: Click here to see the various packages available.

Zuri Tip: If you there for the day, make sure to get the all-inclusive pass. Otherwise, you’ll have to get back in line for any additional activities (go-carts/ bungee jump) your kids might want to join. Also, before you go, make sure to check out / sign up for some of Kindercity’s great kids’ workshops including, but is not limited to, the absolutely essential Chocolate and Bread Making workshops (yummy!).

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FIFA World Football Museum

What to expect: Everyone will be impressed in this very cool, posh, futuristic sports museum. FIFA World Football Museum offers visitors a rare look into the history of this beloved world sport. The museum offers fantastic exhibits, videos, movies, crafts and interactive games the entire family will love.

What we love: Watch out, Messi! Your kids (but really you) will absolutely love competing in FIFA Museum’s 3rd floor interactive soccer games.

How many francs: Adults: 24 CHF | Kids (7-15): 14 CHF | Kids (< 6): Free

Family passes available.

Zuri Girl Tip: Strollers are not allowed in the museum and must be left in a secured room near the front desk; so, if you are bringing the tiny ones along, make sure to pack your sling/ baby carrier.

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Landesmuseum Zurich: Swiss National Museum

What to expect: Walk through Switzerland’s history in one of its most important national heritage museums. Switzerland’s Landesmuseum, located in the heart of Zurich, offers a detailed glimpse into what makes Switzerland Swiss.

What we love: The large hall dedicated to Switzerland’s history is a must see. Learn about how Switzerland was once a land of emigration, Switzerland’s many wars and how Zurich became one of the world’s leading financial centers.

How many francs: Adults: 10 CHF / 25 CHF for annual membership | Kids (0-16): Free

Zuri Girl Tip: Make sure to check out the website for weekend crafts workshops with the kids and kids from around 6+ will enjoy using the Discovery Kit to make fact-finding fun.

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Alles Kaktus? Zurich’s Succulent Plant Collection

What to expect: With over 6,000 different types of succulent plants on display, Zurich’s Succulent Plant Collection is not to be missed. Learn about cacti, agaves and more in this quaint, renowned museum which is sure to become a family favorite.

What we love: Most exhibits are presented in both English and German.

How many francs: Free/ Null/ Zippo

Zuri Girl Tip: If you are looking to start your very own cacti collection, you can purchase some small cactus plants near the front of the museum (exact cash only, please).

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Kulturama – The Museum of Mankind

What to expect: Slightly hidden around Hegibachplatz, Kulturama is a mecca for your budding, little scientist(s). See the evolution of man, the world’s largest real mammal heart, and very cool artifacts from all around the world.

What we love: Calling all snouts! At the moment, Kulturama is showcasing its seasonal exhibit entitled: ‘The Art Behind Smells’! You’ll never smell anything the same again.

How many francs: Adults: 12 CHF | Students: 10 CHF | Kids (6-16): 6 CHF | Kids <6: Free

Zuri Girl Tip: Best for school aged kids and most exhibits are available only in German, so make sure to bring a dictionary along.

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Focus Terra

What to expect: Discover the world’s wonders in this beautiful earth science museum located on ETH’s main campus. Learn about different types of volcanoes and earthquakes, geological structures and about earth’s many precious stones.

What we love: All exhibits are in both English and German. Kids will love experiencing what an earthquake really feels like in the museum’s earthquake simulator. Also, don’t miss the Indergand crystal and the amazing gem collection on the upper floors!

How many francs: Free/ Zippo/ Null

Zuri Girl Tip: If coming in groups, get the most out of your experience by signing up for a guided tour or joining the free tour on Sundays. The museum also offers kids’ workshops during the school vacation periods.

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Kunsthaus Zurich: Painting Atelier

What to expect: Kids will learn about colors and practice various painting techniques while surrounded by some of the world’s most beloved paintings. There are different programs depending on your child’s/children’s age(s), so please check out the guide beforehand.

What we love: Having kids exposed to some of the world’s greatest art pieces and then getting to paint in the museum’s atelier is just So. Very. Cool.

How many francs: 12-15 CHF per workshop/ check out the museum’s listing for exact pricing.

Zuri Girl Tip: Please note, the workshops are generally designed for one child per parent – if you plan on bringing babies, please call ahead of time to advise the teacher. Also, please note these programs are only conducted in Swiss German.

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Zoological Museum

What to expect: With over 1,500 animals on display, the Zoological Museum is every taxidermist’s dream come true. While the main floor’s permanent exhibits include animals native to Europe, the underground floor displays animals from all around the world.

What we love: Make sure to check out the Zoological Museum daily nature films (show times at 11am / 3pm (mostly in German).

How many francs: Free/ Zippo / Null

Zuri Girl Tip: The Zoological Museum does not have a cafeteria, therefore, if you are planning on visiting over lunch hours, make sure to pack your own lunch.

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Article & select photos by by Zuri Girl, Emilia Siravo. A freelance English language teacher and researcher living in Zurich, Switzerland. Born in Philadelphia to a passionate Italian father and fiery Argentine mother, Emilia felt propelled to neutralize things by marrying someone Swiss. In addition to her work, Emilia loves going on long hikes with her husband and very active 3-year-old son, doing BootCamp and practicing yoga. Follow Emilia online on Twitter: @esiravo or read her blog.


Landesmuseum photo: The Landesmuseum Zürich: ensemble of old and new. View from Neumühlequai in July. © Swiss National Museum. Photo: Gabriel Ammon,