Thanksgiving in Zurich 2016

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Once a year in the USA tables are gathered with family & friends to celebrate Thanksgiving.

To help keep our American Zuri Girl’s traditions alive and make sure turkey will be on their dinner tables this 24th of November, we’ve kept our eyes out for tastes of the USA right here in Zurich…

Happy Thanksgiving gals!

Give Thanks for Professional Cooks

424230_353744078003352_1742208894_nThanksgiving Meal: A fully prepared, ready to eat, free-range turkey with cranberry sauce and choice of sides: red cabbage, glazed chestnuts and stuffing

When: Available from 24 – 26 Nov, order with 24-hours notice

Where: Baur au Lac. Talstrasse 1, 8001 Zurich (map)

Zuri Girl Tip: If you prefer to eat out, but can’t resist the delicious tastes of Baur au Lac, dine in at their restaurant, Rive Gauche who is cooking up a 4-course Thanksgiving themed menu.

Cost: Takeaway starts at CHF 300 for 4 people

Additional Details: Call 044 220 50 60 / Website

Gold Coast to Go

seehotelThanksgiving Meal: A golden crispy, juicy turkey or a goose with a delicate chestnut-apple stuffing and seasonal sides like red cabbage, chestnuts, pumpkin balls, & orange napkin dumplings..

When: Available from 1 November to 26 December, order with 24-hours notice

Where: Romantik Seehotel Sonne. Seestrasse 120, 8700 Kusnacht (map)

Zuri Girl Tip: Taxi service delivery & wine pairings are available as add-ons

Cost: Starts at CHF 37 / person

Additional Details: Call 044 914 18 18 / Website

Gather with other Americans

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 3.51.13 PMThanksgiving Meal: The event starts with a Prosecco reception at 11.30, followed by a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

When: Thursday, 24 November | 11.30 – 14.00

Where: American Womens Clubhouse. Schontalstrasse 8, 8004 Zurich (map)

Zuri Girl Tip: The dessert is pot luck so expect a table of American style home made treats & sweets

Cost: CHF 40 members / CHF 45 non memebers

Additional DetailsWebsite

4 Courses filled with 5 Star Deliciousness

10150738_792444680793769_6183513500052114230_nThanksgiving Meal: Order what you need and heat up at home. Turkey with gravy & stuffing, Ligonberry Jelly, Roasted Pumpkin, Veal Bacon Beans and more. (48-hour notice)

When: Thursday, 26 November

Where: Park Hyatt. Beethovenstrasse 21, 8002 Zurich (map)

Zuri Girl Tip: They also offer a non-traditional 4-course Thanksgiving dinner service at the new pop-up hung-ER Restaurant

Cost: Various options for 4-15 people

Additional Details: Turkey To Go Website

All You Can Eat Buffet

Turkey to Go_Marriott ZHThanksgiving Meal: An all-you-can eat buffet including a welcome drink & soft drinks

When: 24 November | 18.00 – 21.00

Where: Marriott Hotel. eCHo Restaurant. Neumuehlequai 42, 8006 Zurich (map)

Zuri Girl Tip: If you prefer to eat at home, check out their Turkey & trimmings to Go option starting at CHF 60 / person from 26 November – 26 December

Cost: CHF 89

Additional Details: Marriott Website| +41 44 360 7106

A Popular Spot – Reserve Fast!

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-9-55-14-pmThanksgiving Meal: A 3-course traditional meal including a brined and roast Turkey – moist and flavorful, plus multiple side dishes, cornbread and a choice of dessert. You’re even allowed to take seconds!

When: 24 – 26 November | 17.00 – 22.00

Where: Fork & Bottle

Zuri Girl Tip: Special meal options for vegans, vegetarians and Gluten Free allergies

Cost: CHF 85 / adult and CHF 35 / child

Additional Details: Fork & Bottle

You’re the Chef

Zuri Girl’s top Tips for an at-home Thanksgiving

1. Whole Turkeys can be pre-ordered at Globus and Jelmoli while frozen can often be found at larger Migros and the Oerlikon Market.  Zuri Girl recommends ordering from the neighborhood butcher for a fresh, local turkey or the online organic shop farmy. Costs average at CHF 100 / turkey. Remember your oven size is likely quite smaller than an American oven so turkeys are a bit smaller to fit properly.

2. Cranberry, Stuffing & Bread Crumbs are often difficult to find in Zurich. Zuri Girl recommends the Sihl City COOP that has a large international section and “hard to find” products are often available. American Food AvenueJunk and American Market offer delivery of common American products.

3. Pumpkin & Butternut Squash: The Burkliplatz weekly market has an assortment of Autumn vegetables. There’s an overwhelming number of varieties so be sure to speak with the merchant prior to purchasing.

4. Start new traditions and incorporate a Swiss Ingredient. Enjoy Sprungli for dessert or Glühwein for Apero.