Farmy – Bringing the Farm to You

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With cold weather on the horizon, you might feel that you’ll have to wait until spring for farm fresh produce. Not so when you order from! Farmy is your online farmer’s market. Using their easy-to-navigate English website, you can enjoy the the best regional organic products directly to your doorstep.


Top 5 Reasons to love Farmy:

1. It’s not just produce they sell. You can order (in English) fresh bread, fruit, vegetables, yogurt, milk, eggs, meat, fish, sauces, pasta, drinks, vegan items and desserts

2. You can order individual items or convenient recipe kits 

3. Products are often seasonal so you can be sure to get the best of the crop

4. Farmy supports Zurich’s local farms by selling their products

5. You choose which day of the week your order is delivered

Enjoy a healthy, happy, hassle-free week ladies! 


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