Refresh Your Hair. Refresh Your Soul

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Love getting your hair done? You have to admit that great feeling of walking out with confidence feeling fresh, clean and with silky shiny hair. The thing is we got chatting with Health Coach & Zuri Girl Vanessa who honestly admitted she’s going gray… “I’m not ready for it yet. It makes me feel older and I look washed out.”

What’s a gal to do about keeping the grays away?

Constant coloring at the salon takes an incredible amount of time (2-3 hours???) and costs a small fortune here in Zurich. Plus Vanessa’s an entrepreneur. She doesn’t have time to waste chilling in a salon!

Mia Lou offered to let Vanessa try out her product and see if it could help ward off the grays…


Introducing the Mia Lou Hair Color Subscription

It’s essentially a monthly subscription to a home hair color system so you can color your hair within 20 – 30 minutes. It’s a professional hair care product with the flexibility of doing it at home. At a price of 39/month… can’t beat it.

The spirit of Mia Lou… Do Not Disturb! I’m letting it all hang out!

Mia Lou compares the moments of coloring your hair to being in your personal oasis. It’s a time for you to take care of yourself, reconnect to your soul while refreshing you and your look.

Check out the website to find ideas of how to reconnect with yourself during your next at home color session.

As Mia Lou says, “Take your time. Enjoy Life. Be fresh… free… and always yourself.”

About the Kit

mia-lou-logo_promo-cuadrat#1. It’s Gorgeous…It’s like getting a pink gift box from Tiffany’s in the mail with a silky black bow AND it’s all for you.

#2. It’s Totally Complete…Besides the typical gloves, color and activator, the box has wet towels, protective cream and special nourishing shampoo and conditioner.

#3. The Best Ingredients…It’s ammonia and paraben free. Plus has gorgeous argan oil in that gives your hair a rather silky finish.

Ready to refresh you hair?

Check out Mia Lou online and order a trial pack tonight. They even have a color selector to find your right color.

Mia Lou. The Color to Be You | Mia Lou Website |

VanessaContributed by Vanessa Gatelein, Health Coach & founder of Food Changes Everything, Vanessa is a native New Yorker who writes food & healthy living articles to help change your lifestyle and change your life.