Kids Rainy Day Sanity Savers

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It’s raining and dreary – a phrase we’ve heard way too much. Wouldn’t it be lovely to sit home watching movies? Oh wait…what’s that you hear…”MOMMY”…the daydream is over…back to reality…you are now the mom of a hyper, high-energy child.

The Sanity Saver: Indoor playgrounds! Although there aren’t many in central Zurich, there’s a whole lot of fun to be had not to far away and Zuri Girl rounded up her favorites.

Enjoy mommas!



Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 2.58.58 PMWhat to Expect: Trampolines, slides, climbing towers, a giant slide, interactive floor and a maze plus a nice size baby / toddler area to jump, slide, climb and play.

What we Love: Free WIFI in the café to catch up on your gossip magazines while the kids play

How Many Francs: CHF 10 for 1 – 3 year olds; CHF 15 for kids 3+

Zuri Girl Tip: Register for the VIP mailing list for a discount

Sign Me Up: Talstrasse 33, 8808 Pfaffikon (map) | Website



Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 2.59.58 PMWhat to Expect:

The largest of the ones listed here and includes trampolines, inflatables, mazes, climbing walls, a big (and fairly high up) adventure maze with tunnels, climbing, slides and ball pits plus a baby / toddler area with building blocks and plenty of activities to crawl, jump and explore.

What we Love: A nice café that seems almost too nice for an indoor playground offers Sunday brunch

How Many Francs: CHF 14

Zuri Girl Tip: The ride-on motorcycles are a big hit, but cost a few extra francs so bring your coins

Sign Me Up: Riedstrasse 3, 8953 Dietikon (map) | Website


kletter-vulkan-mit-netzroehreWhat to Expect:  
A climbing volcano, ferris wheel, bumper cars, giant slides, bungee jumping, big swings and tons of playing tunnels, tubes and slides.

What we Love: The value for money is hard to beat. You could easily spend the entire day there

How Many Francs: CHF 16 for kids 2+ and CHF 7 for adults

Zuri Girl Tip: It’s big and spread out so be sure to make a meeting point if the kids run off on their own

Sign Me Up: Lerzenstrasse 27, 8953 Dietikon (map) | Website


Mini City

New Kinderparadies Sihlcity ZürichWhat to Expect:  Dress up costumes, arts & crafts, Saturday workshops, ball pit and more

What we Love: It’s a drop off. That means you can shop, coffee talk or do as you wish while the kids play.

How Many Francs: CHF 4 for the 1st hour

Zuri Girl Tip: Ages 3+ only except on weekday mornings unitl noon…then 2 year olds can join too

Sign Me Up: Sihl City Shopping Center (map) | Website


Wilde Tiere (Closed August 2017)

Wilde Tiere SSWhat to Expect: A family club offering child care services, 2 indoor soft-play areas, spa services, kids haircuts, baby / kids classes and a cafe

What we Love: Members receive discounts for many services including birthday party room rental and fitness classes.

How Many Francs: Various options from an annual membership to a 10x entry card

Zuri Girl Tip: Many events are open to non-members too so be sure to check their calendar

Sign Me Up: Vorderberg 11, 8044 Zurich


Indoor Playground Survival Tips

1. Don’t forget socks. All playgrounds require socks are worn.

2. These guys know marketing and there’s ton of candy & sweets for sale. Pack a few snacks / sweets in your bag to help avoid spending too many francs on extra purchases.

3. Prosecco is available at the café and there’s nothing wrong with having a glass while the kids play!

4. Go with a friend so the kid’s can explore together.

5. Almost all the indoor playgrounds host birthday parties. Winter babies are in luck.

6. It’s an indoor playground so expect lots of kids and chaos as it’s often super crowded. Do some yoga breahting before you go!


Need more ideas? Check out the site KiKuKa!
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