Cocktail Bars in Zurich

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When it comes to the art of cocktail making, there are certain bars that stand out.

Between exploring and testing throughout the city, armed with professional knowledge gained at European Bartender School, this Zuri Girl is excited to share a few all time favorite cocktails bars, in no particular order, where we’ve had great experiences (and great cocktails!)

Now…go appreciate those potions!

Brick (Langstrasse 21, 8004 Zürich)

A classy yet laid back cocktail bar near Helvetiaplatz. It is lightly dimmed and has a calm ambiance with a retro-industrial touch, playing some Great Gatsby-style music in the background.

We recommend one of their most loved cocktails: the “Pornstar” containing vodka, bubbly champagne and a passion fruit garnish, even for the gents!

You are guaranteed to find innovative and colorful drinks (even a smoking one, called “Boulevardier” with bourbon).  All cocktails are of the highest standard, and our personal favorite is the “Terremoto”, prepared with mezcal, tequila and a pepper garnish. If you pay attention, you might even catch a glimpse of some flair bartending amongst all the hustle and bustle!

Langstrasse 21, 8004 Zurich (map) | Brick Website | +41 44 241 20 00




One could almost say you feel at ease walking into this bar! That is of course, if you choose to go on a weekday evening (which is our preference). It is located very close to bus-stop Kanonengasse, but just a 14 minute walk away from the main station walking via Europaallee.

Dante is a high class cocktail bar, specialized in gins. They have a great menu categorized according to taste preference (sweet, strong, herbal, fruity, sour etc.) which makes it a lot easier for someone who doesn’t know spirits well to choose a drink.

It is similar to Brick when it comes to the dimmed atmosphere, and rather New York style with its checkerboard floor tiles and petite chandeliers. The staff is very professional, and even though not all classic cocktails are listed on the menu, you can request any and they prepare it with precise measurements (using only jiggers). There is a calm smokers room downstairs, with equal much style as upstairs! Here, great conversations can unravel for hours on end.

Zwinglistrasse 22, 8004 Zürich (map) | Dante Website | +41 43 317 19 18


Kanonægass Bar 

Out of all the bars we are writing about, this one is probably the most different. It has both modern and older-style interior; displaying mellow-colored graphics on the walls, old-school vinyl records, and mixed ceiling lights. Kanonaegass bar has a more upbeat atmosphere, with more current music – this of course depends on which live DJ performs on the night of your visit. There is even dance potential!

Their most ordered drink is the G&G smash, containing gin, ginger beer and Rose’s Lime cordial. Their staff is very friendly and prepare your drink with care.

Like Dante, it is also easily accessible from Kanonengasse. It is right across from the events venue Alte Kaserne, the same street as club Zukunft and around the corner of Dante.

Kanonengasse 9, 8004 Zurich (map) | Kanonaegass Website | +41 44 291 33 33


Tales Bar 

This bar is a fairy tale come true! Seriously though, walking into this exceptionally elegant bar is a privilege. Their highly experienced bartenders (Onyx bar background) welcome you with a warm reception and present to you all cocktail options according to your liking.

Don’t overlook/prejudge the old and classy vintage style, it is the new trend; their exotic cocktails even more so. The menu is wide, with wine, classic cocktails as well as many inventions of their own. Our latest cocktail choice was their “Lee Loo”, which is great for fruity and sour lovers. Generally, they cannot pinpoint a most ordered cocktail, but if you have any wish at all, they can make it for you (drink related of course).

Although quite small in size, there is still much seating potential all around the room – our favorite place to sit (which happens to be the best place to sit) is right in front of the bar counter watching the art of cocktail making. The cozy and relaxed atmosphere is very much liked, and almost certainly always has customers, even in the weekday evenings. 

Selnaustrasse 29, 8001 Zürich (map) | Tales Bar Website | +41 44 542 38 02



Sweet and intimate, the romantic wine-bottle-with-candle-wax-dripping-kind, next to some fresh flowers in delicate vases. Ideal for a date – on a weekday evening without a doubt!

They have a very unique presentation of the spirits, as they hang from hooks from a ceiling installation.

A beautiful menu, with sketch effects. Their staff is very kind and informative.

Sihlfeldstrasse 49, 8003 Zürich (map) | Raygrodski Website | +41 79 109 49 49


Zuri Girl Tip

If you have a passion for mixology and would like to learn how to make cocktails by yourself, the European Bartender School has created an app called “EBS which helps you learn with cue cards. You can purchase it for 6 CHF and we can recommend it for anyone who is interested in attending the course itself as preparation, or for any curious spirit lovers!

Article & Photos by Zuri Girl Cassandra Eklund. A not so Finnish girl anymore, living in Switzerland since 2011 with grand dreams about a hotel management career. She spends her days keeping active, and if not that, working at Juicery21.
She enjoys expressing herself through writing, photography and dance – and most recently took on the challenge to learn salsa. Cassie enjoys the gastronomy scene, but unfortunately cannot cook for dear life – excellent eater though. She has an extreme case of wanderlust, and hopes to tackle her problem by traveling as much as possible.