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We’ve never seen little girls and boys sitting quietly concentrating for so long…although the faces shining with confidence and accomplishment really took the cake. The power of LEGO!

Cornell Graduate and former IT Project Manager, Winnie, gathers 4-9 year olds at the Crafty Hands Atelier in Adliswil (and in Lachen) for hands-on learning fun through LEGO building and project presenting during her weekly Buildastic Classes.

Zuri Girl recently attended with her 4-year old and is excited to share the news with other Zuri Moms & Dads out there.

How it Works

Saturday morning little girls and boys gathered around Winnie. Sitting on the comfy beige rug and mini grey pillows in the colorful Atelier, Winnie wakes us up with a fun ice breaker. The day we joined, we sang “Old McDonald”. Other weeks it might be games with movement (Duck, Duck, Goose or Simon Says) – sometimes it’s a LEGO Memory Game, sometimes it’s activities to practice shapes, numbers, or colors.

No matter what, everyone is warmly welcomed and have the first 10 minutes to get comfortable yet excited. From the start, Winnie’s extremely attentive and engaging with every single child.

The Task: A LEGO Rocking Horse

Each child received his / her own box of LEGO with step by step numbered colorful instructions. It’s a special exclusively designed set of Lego that is education-oriented to teach children science and critical thinking skills. The children must recognize the number order, identify the correct object from the box and follow the instructions step by step.

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Why we Love it

The kids worked in their own ways…some asking questions every minute (that was ours!)…some completing steps 1 – 12 without taking their eyes off the goal and some doing trial & error with all the pieces. But the common denominator was all the kids were extremely focused and excited as their blue, yellow, green and red pieces began to look more and more like a Rocking Horse.

Somehow Winnie managed to help them all – making them each feel important and guiding & encouraging as needed.

Some children finished before others and went on to create another object using their imagination.

With 15 minutes left of the class, parents returned and each child presented their Masterpiece. In front of the group of parents and other children, each individually stood up, announced their name and shared what they created before receiving a personalized certificate. Little public speakers in the making.

Check it out Zuri Moms & Dads!