EMYUN Launch in Zurich

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EMYUN COLLECTION_18 copyAs the weather in Zurich heats up, so do our work outs.

What could be more inspiring than a fashionable work out gear to make us feel fabulous while getting and staying fit.

Züri Girl was beyond excited to attend Emyun’s launch of their very first fashion collection at the beautiful Widder Hotel!

We are long past the point where sports gear was only worn in the gym. The boundaries between casual wear and fitness gear have become fluid and Emyun’s CEO and Founder Salvatore Mandrà, who was present at the Cocktail realized this early on.

He saw a market niche of fashionable sports gear. The result has been a sports gear collection, which masterfully combines functional garments with timeless yet fashionable appeal. Emyun only uses merino wool produced in New Zealand. That is why their fashion pieces are antibacterial, odorless and only breathable fabrics are used.

The collection has been designed in Switzerland and was manufactured in the North of Italy. Emyun’s collection is sophisticated, minimalistic and captivates through its simplistic design coupled with high quality materials.


The collection is characterized by unobtrusive and elegant colors such as grey, blue and a stunning bordeaux red. The cuts are subtle and unlike regular sports gear, Emyun’s functional appeal only emerges at second glance.

While Züri Girl was already mentally building her workout wardrobe, light and healthy delicacies were served at the launch cocktail on a balmy summer evening. Zurich’s fashion crowd was gathered to celebrate this new addition to Switzerland’s fashion scene.

In Zurich, Emyun’s collection will be available at Grieder and a new collection focused on accessories and backpacks will follow soon.

Züri Girl can’t wait to see what this aspiring brand will have in stock for us in the future!

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