We Scream for Ice Cream…and FroYo!

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…gelato…and fro-yo! No warm summer day is complete without a sweet treat that must be enjoyed before it melts. While Mövenpick Ice Cream is a staple in our Swiss diets, here’s a selection of Zuri Girl’s favorite specialty offers



Sorbetto Ice CreamSorbetto

Where history meets tradition and an undeniable sweet tooth. Once upon a time a man named Heinz began selling ice cream from his bicycle until he could afford to buy a small ice cream machine…which he set up in the kitchen of a restaurant he was working in. It wasn’t long before the infamous Sorbetto brand was born and we enjoy spotting the yellow and white cups all over the city!

Various Locations



Moo-ve over ice cream, yoomoo FroYo has a place in our hearts. With just 132 calories per 100g serving, this fat-free and guilt-free treat comes in 4 standard flavors: nature, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Enjoy customizing your own toppings, or choose from a selection of winning flavor combinations…are you an angelmoo or a devilmoo? Besides Zurich (near Kaufleuten) and Bern Westside Mall, you can also fill your yoomoo cravings in Interlaken, Langental and Dietlikon, ZH together with Subway!

yoomoo Zurich Website



Smooth, creamy and flavorful gelato ohne dairy…could it be true? That’s right ladies, Vegelateria is scooping up 20+ flavors of their Vegelato and you’ll be amazed at how many options they have for our discerning tastebuds. There are three Vegelato lines to choose from depending on your diet preferences (the main ingredients include either soy, rice or almond puree)…and the Bio Bacio Chocolate Vegelato is a chocolate lovers MUST!

Vegelateria Website


CupcakeAffair FroyoFro-Yo Cupcakes

Just when we thought cupcakes could not get any sweeter, our sugar starved hearts are pounding for the NEW FroYo-Cupcakes at Cupcake Affair. It’s so simple, just choose your cake (with frosting of course), add as much FroYo as you wish, then top your creation with some healthy berries and mini-smarties for good measure. This beautiful combination is sweet, refreshing and oh-so scrumptious!

Cupcake Affair Website


I love leo FroYoI Love leo

Well, we really don’t know who Leo is, but we simply love his Frozen Yogurt topped with as many of his 27 toppings our hearts desire! The weekly special makes decisions much easier, with a savings of more than 1 CHF per order…a bargain in Zurich. Also offering the new Leo-Müsli, breakfast just got more interesting with this low-fat yogurt combined with toppings ranging from fruity to chocolaty-delicious.

I love leo Website


Wonderpots FroYoWonderpots

It’s no wonder we enjoy a serving of FroYo every time we pass by the Jelmoli Food Market where “Too much of a good thing can be truly wonderful”. Wonderpots offers a tasty and guilt-free nature FroYo and a selection of healthy (and not so healthy) toppings. Have you found yourself with no free hands to hold a pot and spoon? Enjoy a FroYo Shake instead.


Wonderpots Website


Gelati am SeeGelati am See

No foodie roundup would be complete without a mention of our favorite gelato on wheels…Gelati am See! Mentioned by many as the best gelato in Zurich, we tested a sampling of their flavors and couldn’t agree more. Enjoy a waffle cone to savor during your walk along the lakefront, and ask for a large container for home. That’s right, order your gelato as the Italians do…direct from the vendor, never in a supermarket.

Gelati am See Website



With more than 100 varieties and over 25 locations to find Gelateria Leonardo…the city is seduced by this Italian sweet cream. Whether you enjoy a kugel for dessert after your meal at restaurants such as Les Halles, Zum Guten Glück, Löweneck (and many more!) – or order in at one of their parlors at SihlCity or the GlattZentrum – there is a flavor for everyone to enjoy!

Gelateria Leonardo Website



The best of the best is well worth the trip out to Wallisellen for Schokolato’s ahhhh-mazing Cioccolato Maracaibo 38% Gelati. This adorable shop offers traditional Italian gelato made with three key ingredients: water, sugar and air. That’s right, they say, “Without water, there’s no icing process. Without sugars, gelato would be just too hard. Without air… it would be an ice lolly!” Come for the gelato and stay for a light lunch and well poured cup of coffee.

Schokolato Website



Zuri Girl Tip. We haven’t tried Gelateria di BernaHasta or Kalte Lust but these tasty new treats opened in 2017 and we hear they’re oh so delicious!


Photos courtesy of the brands.