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Excited to introduce, The Silver Coast Mommas (& Pappas) “go to” website for baby, toddler & child activity planning. After leading an interactive Facebook group, Annahita de la Mare, has consolidated loads of useful ideas for kids activities on the Silver Coast of the lake.

Here’s the inside scoop with Annahita and the new website, Silver Coast Parents


Zuri Girl: Who is the website aimed at helping?

Annahita: The website is primarily aimed at parents who are looking for child-relevant local area information in English, be they are new to the area, new to being parents, or maybe not even new…just looking for new ideas! 

Zuri Girl: What does the website offer?

Annahita: Listings of all the activities in the local area that you can do with children (classes, drop in playgrounds, outside activities), a reference section listing recommended medical practitioners, restaurants with playgrounds / play corners to keep the kids busy and a section on mumpreneurs…I’ll come back to that later!

Zuri Girl: Who / What inspired you to create Silver Coast Parents?

Annahita: I run the Zurich Silver Coast Parents group on Facebook, where we had lots of documents in the files section covering answers to the most frequently asked questions. But people still kept posting the same questions over and over, simply because they couldn’t find the files page and all the documents!

So I created the site in the hope that people will find it far better structured and usable, and will therefore be much better able to find the information they need. Then posts on the Facebook can focus more on information not yet out there, or setting up playdates. 

Zuri Girl: You also highlight Mumpreneurs…why?

Annahita: There are a lot of mums in the local area who are running their own businesses, many of them highly relevant for families (storycraft classes, pilates classes, children’s clothes), yet they are really struggling to find anywhere that they can advertise, particularly for free. I am in awe of any woman who is trying to run their own business as well as being a mum, and I wanted to be able to do something to help. 

Zuri Girl: How do you find ideas for what to include on the website?

Annahita: Most of the information came from the parents on our Facebook group. The main information is based on questions that people have asked over and over again, such as – can anyone recommend a good Gynecologist in Horgen? Or can anyone recommend a good activity to do with a 3 year old on a Wednesday? I gather the answers and categorise it. So all the information on the Silver Coast Parents page is based on recommendations from other parents!

Zuri Girl: Can readers send in ideas too?

Annahita: Absolutely, suggestions are very welcome to the email address! 

Zuri Girl: What’s your favorite kid-friendly rainy day activities?

Annahita: Donning waterproofs and going on the hunt for muddy puddles! 

Zuri Girl: What’s your favorite kid-friendly sunny day activities?

Annahita: Spending a day at Kilchberg badi, chatting with other mums whilst the girls splash in the splash pool, having a delicious lunch at the Hiltl restaurant, swimming in the lake and eating ice cream. Can’t beat it!!

Zuri Girl: Do you ever go to the “Gold Coast”?

Annahita: Nope, there’s so much to do on this side of the lake! I am determined to go to Jucker Farm at least once this year though! 

Zuri Girl: Zurich has a reputation to be expensive…any tips for parents on budget friendly activities?

Annahita: We are so lucky to live in a place where there is so much free stuff outside. We often have fairly complex programmes to keep our kids busy, and so we often forget that they are also incredibly well amused by the simple things in life.

Walking in the woods and gathering sticks or pine cones can keep my kids happy for hours (even in the rain! Then there are puddles too!), or going to one of the excellent and plentiful playgrounds (check the website for a link to a map showing all the playgrounds in the area with descriptions).

And in the summer, I find the badis are incredibly good value – usually entrance is between 3 and 6 CHF, which is a bloody bargain for a whole day of fun if you ask me! Just take a packed lunch (my kids love a simple picnic of bread, cheese and some vegetables. Or cold pasta sprinkled with a bit of cheese – and it’s little effort for me too!). Oh and a pram for littler ones to have a sleep. 

Zuri Girl: And when you aren’t with your kids, where can we find you? Any favorite restaurants or local activities YOU enjoy?

Annahita: HAHA, sorry? Not with my kids? Only kidding. I run a monthly book club (any members of the Zurich Silver Coast Parents page are welcome to join, see the events page), and a monthly mums night out (ditto) to try to get people out of their sofa-comfort-zones (me included). 

Silver Coast Parents Website

Enjoy ladies and perhaps we should set a challenge for the Gold Coast Mommas & Poppas to send in their ideas!