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No gym membership needed for this “pay as you go” style studio…a new type of concept for fitness fanatics in Zurich! 

This type of gym concept has already gained wide popularity across the U.S. and the U.K.  The benefit being you can really be flexible about your fitness regime.  Maybe you enjoy variety in your workout routines and don’t want to commit to one gym, and in this case you can really determine based off your schedule and workout needs how often you want to enjoy a class at Atomix Fitness. 


Burn Build Breathe

The style of the classes is based off the HIIT model, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  Their motto is “Burn Build Breathe” which means during each workout you BURN fat, BUILD muscle, and BREATHE at the end of the workout with some good stretching exercises.  In these classes you can burn up to 1000 calories within the session which means these workouts are highly effective.  The good news is that these classes are designed for people at all fitness levels, and you can adjust your workout intensity to match your ability. 


Why we Love it

Zuri Girl had the pleasure to attend a Full Body class to see what this fitness craze is all about.  We received a quick instruction before the class started about how the flow of the class would go and what to expect during that hour. 

During the workout there was high-energy and upbeat music playing in the background, which really helped get us in the mood during the exercise intervals.  We spent the next hour doing running intervals on the treadmill then switching over to weights for some strength exercises; and continued to switch back and forth between these over the course of the class.  With the energetic music and the continuous switching of exercises, this hour passed by incredibly fast! 

After the class, we were able to enjoy a house-made smoothie, from a variety of selections, to help our recovery process.  The studio also has state of the art, clean locker rooms with everything you need including towels, hair dryers, deodorant, and Bamford bath and body products. 


Give it a Try Gals!

Atomix Fitness has a very international and educated staff teaching all the classes (you can find their bios on the website).  Their instructors make sure to ask before the class if you have any pre-existing injuries or current issues they should be aware of and they also make sure you are using the correct form through the duration of the class. 

Freischützgasse 10, 8004 Zurich (map) | Atomix Fitness Website | +41 44 240 10 40


Zuri Girl Tips

 – Introductory class is half price

 – The evening classes are the busiest

 – Towels for workout and shower are provided

 – A lot of different class time options (early morning, midday, evening)

Rachel bio PhotoContributed by Zuri Girl Rachel…Originally from Chicago, Rachel spent many years moving all over the US for her corporate job.  Eventually Rachel chose to move for love and came to Zurich in 2013 to be with her Swiss husband. Rachel now works as an HR professional in Zurich.  In her spare time, Rachel enjoys doing anything that revolves around working out, finding new eateries, and shopping.  She loves exploring Switzerland and everything it has to offer!