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teva-zurich-shopSummer is just around the corner, which means that it’s finally time to go shopping for new swimwear and footwear. Popular sandals brand Teva invited us to the opening of their pop-up store in the Och Sport Limmatquai to look at their summer 2016 collection! If you need comfortable and stylish sandals or flip flops, definitely check the store out soon as they are only in Zurich between the 30th of April until the 21st of May. We got an exclusive sneak-peak at the available collection during the opening party.

Sandals have been making a huge comeback over the years, yet they can also be a daunting trend to wear for many of us, myself included! We were shocked when first seeing the collection, as the sandals on display had a refreshing and wearable look to them. Teva deserves the recognition they get as a footwear brand, especially when creating styles that are difficult to find in the footwear market otherwise.

It was frankly a little bit overwhelming when seeing all the different colors and designs there were to choose from! Whether you like a flat or heeled sandal, a colorful or neutral tone, or a strappy or buckle feature, there was a style for everyone. It was even more reassuring to see flip-flops on display, especially for those who do not like the extra hassle of having to undo their shoes.

The display of all of Teva shoes made it very easy to look at all the available designs, and there were numerous employees who were very familiar with the brand and answered all of our questions immediately! We were even lucky enough to be able to try on a pair, and have to admit that despite the weird feeling of walking in sandals again after eight years of sticking to flip-flops, they were surprisingly very comfortable!


Knowing we were paying for good-quality sandals and flip-flops, the prices seemed very reasonable. Most of the sandals ranged between CHF 60 – 120, depending on the color and type of platform the sandal had. The flip-flops were all around CHF 40, which is a great deal!

The night was an overall success! The lovely staff, the upbeat music, and food and drinks made the Teva opening a very enjoyable get-together. Even famous fashion blogger Kristina Bazan made an appearance wearing a pair of white strappy Teva sandals. If you’re stuck on how to wear sandals when summer hits Zurich, be sure to check out her fashion blog Kayture where she will give a few of her tips!

Happy shoe shopping!


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