BANK Zurich: A New Concept for Zurich

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Trendy cafés and restaurants have recently been opening up in Zurich, but one place, which has particularly caught our attention, is BANK in Helvetiaplatz. Unlike a traditional café, the building merges a bakery, bar, restaurant, and café together to create the newest trendy location. Stop by for a delicious brunch on a Saturday or Sunday, gossip over after-work drinks, or grab a coffee-to-go anytime of the day!

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The Atmosphere

The building’s exterior is a definite standout at Helvetiaplatz, especially now that all of the cherry blossoms surround the entrance of the café! As soon as you walk inside, the mix between industrial and traditional architectural features will pleasantly surprise you, as this is nothing like any other café in Zurich. The building’s interior is meant to be modeled after an old German restaurant in the 1950s, so there are a lot of wooden features, which complement all of the beautiful plants that are scattered throughout the building.

There are a variety of seating options, such as a long wooden bench (which has been remodeled to look like the one in Bellevue’s tram station), the usual round tables and chairs, bar seating, and window seats. Our favorite feature of this café, bar, restaurant, and bakery, is that everything is connected together. There are no doors that separate the different sections, rather people are free to walk through the entire building and see everything that BANK has to offer!

Once the weather warms up, there will be about 150 outdoor seats in front of the entrance, which will overlook Helvetiaplatz.

The Food and Drinks

BANK brings a new concept to town where they serve more food than a regular café or bar, but the menu is much smaller than what a typical restaurant would serve. Instead of quantity, the business focuses on selling a few items which are cooked to perfection. BANK also emphasizes the use of biological food, making the menu even more difficult to expand as they try to use fruits and vegetables that are currently in season.

However, that being said, the café teams up with the John Baker bakery to create delicious sandwiches and pastries. Customer favorites include the bio-chicken sandwich and fish sandwich. For brunch, BANK’s special Bloody Mary is a success amongst brunch-goers, especially since they offer six different variations of the drink! And as for those who would want to go for an after-work drink on a Friday evening, the long list of cocktails will not disappoint. Try the “Bank Smash” cocktail, which is their signature cocktail.

As for reservations, the staff at BANK never take too many reservations as many people arrive for lunch, dinner, and brunch without one, so you do not have to be worried about waiting an hour for a table to open up.

Why we love it

The layout of the building, the new concept of dining, and the fresh food manages to impress us every single time. It’s about time that someone put a twist to the typical dining and café experience, as there are more than enough already in Zurich. There’s something about drinking a cappuccino while surrounded by the unique architecture and decorations that makes this place a staple for coffee and food.

Zuri Girl Tip

The BANK transforms on Friday’s and Saturdays into a nightlife bar, where after 22:30 you will want to trade the after-dinner espresso for a delicious signature cocktail!

The BANK Restaurant

Location: Helvetiaplatz, Zurich Kreis 4 (map)

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 8.00 – midnight | Saturday & Sunday 9.00 – 2.00am

Additional Information: The BANK Website


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