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We’ve all heard of the juicing and smoothie trend that stems from North America, but it has finally reached Zurich thanks to Fred and his team. Not only does their little business create all of their juices, smoothies, and warm drinks in the same building (in the underground production room which is visible through a glass floor cutout when entering the shop), but their food is also all locally produced! We fell in love with the place almost immediately.

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The Atmosphere

Juicery 21 is tucked away in the quiet Selnau area. As soon as you walk through the front door, you face the bar where you can choose what you would like to order. A personal favorite feature of the bar is the fact that you can look at all of the foods and drinks being made! All of the juices, which are ready to drink, are placed right in front of the register, making it easy to decide what to grab. As for the rest of the shop, seating is limited to about 10 people inside the store and 10 people outside (once the weather is warm enough to allow for outdoor seating), but since all of the foods and drinks are packaged in portable containers and jars, it is very easy to grab a smoothie and bagel on the way to work.

Zuri Girl Tip: One of the most interesting aspects of Juicery 21, which is unlike any other healthy food place we’ve come across in Zurich, is that everyone is welcome to go downstairs and see the process of how the juices are made! You will probably encounter a stack of peeled carrots being pressed through a large machine or a bunch of vegetables being juiced. This unique experience of allowing customers to see their juice being made from start to finish is very interesting to observe and makes the tiny business even more likeable (as if that was even possible)!

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The Drinks & Food

Being one of the first shops in Zurich primarily dedicated to juices and smoothies, it comes as no surprise that their green juice, orange juice, and beet juice taste heavenly! Fred, who is the owner of Juicery 21, mentioned that the green juice has to be one of the most popular items amongst customers, as it not only tastes sweet but also packs in many vital nutrients and vitamins that many people don’t get in their daily diet. Other than the juices, there are tons of raw shake options, all of which are vegan. For those of you who love the creamy consistency of milkshakes, definitely try out the banana and vanilla shake and ask for it to be made with their homemade almond milk which gives it that indulgent taste and texture while being a very healthy beverage.

It is also the perfect place to grab some breakfast, which will keep you going until lunchtime. Our choice is definitely the acai bowl topped with bananas and granola, but if you’re the type of person that needs something warm in the morning, try the oatmeal with banana and blueberries. We have to warn you though that the acai bowl is highly addictive!

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Why we Love it

The fresh, organic, and varied menu has us coming back week after week. We can finally go into town knowing that there is a quick and healthy option for everyone in one little store. The prices are high, with a juice costing CHF 10, but we can take comfort in knowing it comes freshly cold pressed in a glass bottle to preserve the nutrients…and prices are high in Zurich after all! The best part will always be the friendly staff and very quick service, as we believe that this is a crucial part of any restaurant, bar, or café experience.

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Zuri Girl Tip

If you’re looking to try something new on the menu, ask the staff if you can customize your own smoothie – they are more than happy to add, change, or exclude ingredients to create your perfect drink, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Juicery 21

Sihlstrasse 93, 8001 Zurich (map)

+ 41 44 221 93 95 | Juicery 21 Website


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