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In our quest to look and feel better naked, we recently met Sona of SK Fitness…a goddess in the fitness world who focuses on training women only. She is qualified with the highest education possible for Personal Trainers in London and moved to Zurich to follow her love (whom she met skiing in Verbier).

Top 5 reasons we love Sona and SK Fitness:


Her Gorgeous Self

As cheeky as it may seem, Sona is the kind of lady who you see walking down the street and you wonder…what does she do to look so good?! Turns out, Sona had so many cheeky friends who wanted to know all of her fitness tips, which inspired and motivated her to qualify as a Personal Trainer to help other women exclusively. With just one meeting, Sona has the ability to make you feel comfortable and excited to work out.


Her Philosophy

It’s simply, “Be Happy, Not Skinny”. Sona encourages women to focus less on how they look and more on how they feel. Life is about living a healthy lifestyle and finding your balance and that is why she encourages women to make fitness as convenient as possible. She is willing to travel up to 40 minutes outside of Zurich to your home, an outdoor park, or you are welcome to train her her Thalwil home studio which includes a 100sqm outdoor terrace. We also love that Sona caters to busy moms who wish to workout while their children are in the same room, or nearby.


Her Training Style

Every good pre-Train should begin with a proper consultation and Sona does just that. She uses a ‘Whole Body Approach’ and takes the time to fully understand everything about your personal eating habits and activity levels. She will then design your session theme to include intensive fitness with cardio exercise, focusing on the prime areas you wish to improve…for some ladies it’s the tummy, for other’s the thighs.


Her Specialty

How many ladies do we know that say they cannot workout until their knee or back pain is healed? As it turns out, working out (properly with a trained specialist) will actually help that pain disappear! Sona specializes in assisting ladies who have back pain or knee issues. She works with you to strengthen the muscles around the bones to give your body the foundation and support it needs to move forward safely and effectively.


Her Lifestyle Tips

Beyond fitness, we enjoy chatting with Sona to gain some of her healthy lifestyle tips. One that stuck (on the mind, not on the hips!) was the topic of SUGAR – Sona refers to sugar as a “hidden drug” and we could not agree more. Once you consume just a bite, your mind craves more with a similar effect that cocaine has on the brain. Rather, she suggests snacking on almonds, carrots with hummus, or even a baked apple for dessert…and this is just a small “taste” of the many tips Sona has readily available for us ladies looking to look and feel our best!

Special Offer: Sona is offering Girlfriend Guide readers a Complimentary 1 Hour Trial Session to include 30-min consultation and 30-min training! (offer valid through February 2017) Email Sona here for more info.


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