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Here at Girlfriend Guide, we always need a good and energizing snack around. And we know how hard it is sometimes, to go for the healthy snack, rather than falling for the good-old chocolate temptation yet again, or downing a bag of crisps all on our own.

So we’ve decided to go out there and investigate. What is really available out there for us, which doesn’t involve actually making it at home? Here are some of the gems we found…

After taking a fun trip down to Migros, Alnatura, and the local organic shop, we’ve collected a nice range of delicious, energizing, healthy snacks anyone would love!


GGG-SnacksSnack Bars

Let’s start with Fruttolino from Migros. That adorable character comes in two flavors of soft fruit leather, blueberry and strawberry. Made of only fruits, a bit of oil (don’t worry, it’s only 3%) and water, this treat totally hits the sweet tooth! Plus the kids love the dude’s face on their treat!

Next up, Good-For-You Dessert Bars. We found the whole range at the Alnatura store, though some organic shops carry the lot too. There’s a whole variety of flavors to choose from such as banana muffin, coconut macaroon, chock-walnut brownie (own personal favorite), apple pie and lemon cake. All made of fruits, nuts, amaranth, milk and a bit of apple cider vinegar, you can be sure both mouth, belly and body will be doing the happy dance.

Following on the list, Raw Bite. This wonderful energy bar can be found in lots of organic shops. Also comes in a wide range of flavors such as raw cacao, coconut, peanut, apple cinnamon, vanilla berries, cashew, and our two personal favorites, protein and spicy lemon. Lovely, dense and filling, these organic fruit and nut bars are both gluten and dairy free.


What else did we have… oh, of course, our dear old chocolate, who could forget! For the moment when you need chocolate in you, but don’t want to feel guilty afterwards, Lovechock is the answer.

Lovechock comes in three different forms: Thin chocolate bars, thick finger bars, and coated balls of deliciousness. All dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugar free, sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, and taste heavenly!

If you find the balls, try those first, you will fall in love instantly. Almond/Cinnamon, Mulberry/Hemp seed (our fave) and Hazelnut/Vanilla covered in organic raw cacao and some other good-for-you stuff such as cocoa butter, coconut blossom and sprouted quinoa.

These chocolate bars have such awesome flavors, it’s hard to pick which one is our favorite, Sweet nibs & Sea Salt, Blueberry & Hemp Seed or Almond &Baobab.

Last but not least, their thick finger bars. A great range of flavors, the sweeter ones being Goji/Orange and Mulberry/Vanilla, these have to be eaten in small bites, was they’re super thick and can be a bit, umm, overwhelming when taking a mouthful.

No matter which one you choose to try, make sure to take small bites, savoring each bite at a time, especially if you’re not used to real dark chocolate.

Fruits & Nuts

Other snacks we love having on us are good old dried fruit and nuts. There’s such an awesome variety of dried fruit you can find nowadays, leaving the old prune and apricot behind. For example, you can find some juicy medjool dates almost everywhere. Slice them open, remove the pit and stick an almond or walnut in there (or any other nut you like) and enjoy. Or try out some other awesome dried fruit such as Goji berries (not mega sweet, slight bitter aftertaste unless soaked a bit or put in cooked food or cereal), mulberries (super sweet and delicious) or physalis inca berries (with a lovely tang!).

These snacks will leave you energized and happy, without the dreaded sugar low or craving for more. Enjoy, and don’t forget to tell us which one you like the best!

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Danna Levy HoffmannArticle & photos created by: Zuri Girl Danna Levy Hoffmann. Outside of The Girlfriend Guide, Danna runs her own business, teaching nutrilicious cooking classes to both young and old. Her classes focus on using organic, local ingredients to create delicious and quick recipes the whole family will simply love. When not working, Danna can be found in her own kitchen cooking for her three men.