Fitness Guide: 3rd Trimester

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Third Trimester…..the last leg of your pregnancy. You’ve made it through the 1st Trimester & 2nd Trimester and you’ve reached the big, exhausting, karate chopping leg of this journey. Perhaps now is the time modifications to your exercise program take on a whole new meaning, you are heavier, center of gravity is off and core strength, likely, just gone. But of course, it is still possible to exercise, even till right before you pop!

Remember the 2 P’s-Patience and Pampering

You may find it is now painful to run/jog or even walk for long periods of time. Stair-climbing? Yea, if you could only breathe! Although it is possible to keep fit during this time, it is important to be extra patient with yourself. It is most likely not possible to exercise as you did in the past, your body just will not allow it. You may experience pelvis pain, cramping and difficulty breathing or catching your breath. Although this is all normal, it can be frustrating. One way to combat this is to exercise in shorter durations and just listen to your body. If it hurts, just stop and try something else or begin again later. You may also find that investing in a maternity support belt may provide some relief from that extra weight out front. Overall, try not to become too frustrated with your slower pace.

Also, now is the perfect time to pamper yourself silly! Pedicures, massage, manicures, waxing, facials….the list can go on. Especially lucky, we are in the country of wellness centers and holidays, so take advantage and book yourself a day in the spa. Float in a salt pool and experience weightlessness, what a relief! Just one day of relaxation can help rejuvenate and keep you moving through the next month or two.

Contraindications to Exercise in late pregnancy

Long word, easy definition-the symptoms that you should discontinue exercise. If you have any vaginal bleeding, contact your doctor. In some cases, it may be harmless, but it is important to have the doctor’s approval if this occurs. If the membranes that surround the baby rupture, you go into early labor (anytime before 8 months) or if the womb is not structurally normal, these are signs that exercise should cease. Your doctor will tell you if you have any of these symptoms and will most likely suggest you stop exercising.

To keep in Mind while exercising

If you and baby are healthy and ready to move, here are some modifications to keep in mind:

– Try not to exercise to exhaustion. This is a time to take it a little bit easier. If you push yourself too hard, you may find you lack the energy for the rest of the day. Keep your perceived exertion levels around 10-11 on a 1-20 scale.

– Support breasts and belly. You can purchase a support belt to relive some of the pressure on your pelvis. For your breasts, you can try a tighter sport bra or even use an ACE bandage wrapped around those girls!

– Stay hydrated!!! Make sure you are drinking enough water. Take frequent drinks of water during and after you exercise, every five minutes will keep you hydrated.

– If possible, you can break up your hour long workout into 2-3 mini sessions throughout the day. This may help with breathing and energy levels. You can still benefit from exercise lasting minimum 10 minutes an interval.

– If the exercise, you and baby feel good, keep doing it! Every mama body is different. If you can still enjoy a run, no problem. If you are able to jump around in aerobics or a class, have at it! As long as you have no pain, you are not working to exhaustion, and baby begins moving again within 20 minutes after exercise, you are in the clear!

Continue with the exercise program you have been doing up until this time with modifications as necessary. If you keep moving during this last trimester, you will reap the benefits. Just getting your blood pumping and flowing can help with fatigue. Staying active and fit now, will help speed recovery time and possibly delivery time.

Workout Ideas

Try these five exercises, one set for upper body and one for lower body. Pick 5 different exercises, each for 1 minute with no rest between and do it twice. This will leave your body burning and feeling great!

Upper body work while sitting on a Swiss exercise ball:

Begin with a traditional bicep curl, bent over lateral deltoid raise, press, time to get off the ball and try pushups and finish with triangle pushups. Find a pace you can keep going for the full 10 minutes.

Lower body:

Split lunge on one leg, split lunge the other leg, straight leg hamstring lift, other leg, sumo squat hops for that extra end burn!

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leticia bioWritten by Zuri Girl, Leticia Mora. A Personal Trainer since 2012 with a background in psychology and fitness, she makes personal training a perfect combination to motivate and get people on a healthy lifestyle track. She absolutely loves helping people to realize their goals. Since moving to Switzerland she has started Rockin Bods, a personal training company.