Chakradance in Zurich

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Getting in the flow with Chakradance

Psst! We have a secret for you! New in Zurich and only at Within the Flow, you can try Chakradance. Zuri Girl caught up with studio owner and Chakradance guide Katherine Arati Maas to find out what this new self-exploration workshop is all about.

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Chakradance – A dance of the soul

Our bodies are believed to have several energy “hot spots” (think massage and acupuncture) and Chakradance is a journey through our seven major energy centers or chakras. While the idea of chakras stems from Indian religions, Chakradance is based on principles of Jungian psychology.

As children we hardly ever second-guess our ability to sing, dance or draw. It’s only when we get older that many of us begin to feel we “can’t” sing or “aren’t” dancers. But actually knowing how to do these things is part of being human. We never forget! Chakradance gets us out of our heads and in to full on dancing without analysis.

How the Workshop Flows

By candlelight you’ll start your “journey inward” to “express the body”. Chakradance begins with a guided meditation from Katherine followed by a body warm-up. Next you’ll find a space in the room that works for you using a yoga mat to mark your area of movement. No need to fear dancing out the window or into a friend!

The room is fairly dark, but you can choose to dance with an eye mask for maximum affect. Songs representing each chakra will play through with verbal guidance form Katherine. Keep in mind that emotions, memories and insights can and do surface while dancing. Katherine suggests to take it slow, observe and allow the body to move how it wants to. The outcome of Chakradance will vary from person to person.

If you don’t feel a particular song, have low energy or too much energy while the music is playing, that could indicate an imbalance of whichever chakra the song is meant to represent. In turn each chakra represents different aspects of life: survival/individuality, desire/sexuality, power/will, love/compassion, communication/creativity, intuition/perception, and wisdom/understanding.

At the end of your journey, you’ll make your own mandala art – a drawing of what you felt or experienced – before the closing mediation.

After learning more about yourself, you can decide to learn more or balance your energies through more Chakradance.

Prepare For Your Own Journey

To attend a workshop you only need an open mind and comfortable dancing clothes. For the full experience join With in the Flow’s Chakradance Awakening 9 Week Cycle workshop series starting in January. Each week will focus on exploring and strengthening one chakra for a full 90 minutes.

Zuri Girl Insider Tip

Within the Flow offers more than Chakradance. They have several different kinds of yoga (Vinyasa flow, Hatha, for athletes, Ananda) and meditation classes (online or in person).

Within the Flow

Berninastrasse 9, 8057 Zurich-Oerlikon (map)

+41 78 845 76 36 . Website

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