Olaplex Hair Treament

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Pedro Sanchez, just started offering Olaplex, the hair treatment Hollywood’s been bragging about.

Zuri Girl was so excited to be invited to give it a try and, as always, left the Pedro Sanchez Boutique Coiffeur smiling with smooth, shiny flowing locks!

About Opalex

Engineering and chemistry scientists created the chemical agent so that it works towards not just a same-day fix, but permanent restructuring of the roots and hair strengthener. It’s designed to help with long term improvement and the intent is to help women feel as if they have their younger hair back (now if only we can get our younger waist lines back too!).

What to Expect

The treatment itself takes about 20 minutes in a 2-step process, most of which feels very much like a hair-wash & condition at a salon as your seated at the washing station in a lying back position.

The treatment is especially helpful for women who have tortured their hair with bleach & coloring.

Enjoy ladies!

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